Electronic Properties of Materials

A Guide to the Literature

  • H. Thayne Johnson

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HIS FIRST EDITION OF Electronic Properties of Force Materials Laboratory, where Air Force respon­ T Materials: A Guide to the Literature initiates a sibility for these contracts has resided. Mr. John W. plan for making available the indexing work of the Atwood is Project Manager at Hughes Aircraft Electronic Properties Information Center. Since the Company. inception of EPIC in June, 1961, a basic objective has Professional members of EPIC are Charles L. M. been to use techniques and procedures that would Blocher, Donald L. Grigsby, Dana H. Johnson, allow maximum distribution and use of EPIC output. Thomas J. Lyndon, John T. Milek, Meta S. Neu­ Accordingly, data processing and reproduction tech­ berger, and Emil Schafer. All have ably contributed niques were established to reproduce and distribute to this work. Mr. Johnson and Mrs. Neuberger have easily and economically a few copies of what was been primarily responsible for the indexing effort; then a card index. Mr. Lyndon has supervised the classical library pro­ As the program advanced, it became apparent that cedures and the clerical effort; Mr. Blocher and Mr. a few copies of the index were not enough. The index Grigsby have controlled the indexing vocabulary, the should be available to all, instead of just a select few. cross-references, and the data processing input; and However, this would have meant so many copies that Mr. Schafer has prepared the very excellent glossary, the cost would have drained funds from the program with the assistance of Mr. Milek.


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