Acoustical Holography

Volume 5

  • Philip S. Green

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiv
  2. R. A. Smith, N. H. Doshi, R. L. Johnson, P. G. Bhuta
    Pages 1-14
  3. L. W. Kessler, P. R. Palermo, A. Korpel
    Pages 15-23
  4. J. A. Cunningham, C. F. Quate
    Pages 83-102
  5. M. D. Fox, W. F. Ranson, J. R. Griffin, R. H. Pettey
    Pages 103-120
  6. H. K. Wickramasinghe
    Pages 121-132
  7. H. Toffer, B. P. Hildebrand, R. W. Albrecht
    Pages 133-157
  8. Thomas G. Winter
    Pages 197-216
  9. G. A. Alers, R. B. Thompson, B. R. Tittmann
    Pages 217-230
  10. E. B. Miller, S. W. Smith, F. L. Thurstone
    Pages 261-281
  11. David Vilkomerson
    Pages 283-316
  12. J. F. Havlice, G. S. Kino, J. S. Kofol, C. F. Quate
    Pages 317-333
  13. Adrianus Korpel, Robert L. Whitman, Mahfuz Ahmed
    Pages 373-390
  14. C. B. Burckhardt, P.-A. Grandchamp, H. Hoffmann
    Pages 391-413
  15. D. R. Holbrooke, E. E. McCurry, V. Richards
    Pages 415-451
  16. A. F. Metherell, K. R. Erikson, J. E. Wreede, R. E. Norton Jr., R. M. Watts
    Pages 453-470
  17. C. S. Clark, A. F. Metherell
    Pages 471-480
  18. Wayne R. Fenner, Gordon E. Stewart
    Pages 481-492
  19. Philip S. Green, Louis F. Schaefer, Earle D. Jones, Joe R. Suarez
    Pages 493-503
  20. P. N. Keating, R. F. Koppelmann, R. K. Mueller, R. F. Steinberg
    Pages 515-526
  21. Mikio Takagi, Nie But Tse, Glenn R. Heidbreder, Chin-Hwa Lee, Glen Wade
    Pages 541-550
  22. M. G. Maginness, J. D. Plummer, J. D. Meindl
    Pages 619-631
  23. John E. Jacobs, Donald A. Peterson
    Pages 633-645
  24. G. C. Knollman, J. L. Weaver, J. J. Hartog
    Pages 647-658
  25. Joseph A. Clark, Karyl-Lynn K. Stone
    Pages 701-714
  26. Back Matter
    Pages 715-738

About this book


This volume contains the Proceedings of the Fifth International Symposium on Acoustical Holograhy and Imaging, held in Palo Alto, California, on July 18-20, 1973. The title of this Symposium differed from that of the previous four by the addition of the word "Imaging," reflecting an increase in emphasis on nonholographic methods of acoustical visualization. For convenience, no change has been made in the title of this published series. The 42 Symposium papers cover a wide range of theoreti­ cal and applied topics, and effectively define the state-of­ the-art in this rapidly developing field. Many of them relate to applications of acoustic visualization in such diverse fields as nondestructive testing, medical diagnosis, microscopy, underwater viewing, and seismic mapping. The papers presented at the Symposium were selected with considerable assistance from the Program Committee. The Editor wishes to thank the following persons for serving as members of this committee: P. Alais, University of Paris, France; B. A. Auld, Stanford University; D. R. Holbrooke, Children's Hospital of San Francisco; A. Korpel, Zenith Radio Corporation; J. L. Kreuzer, Perkin Elmer Corporation; A. F. Metherell, Actron Industries, Inc.; R. K. Mueller, Bendix Research Laboratories; B. Saltzer, u.S. Naval Under­ sea Research and Development Center; F. L. Thurstone, Duke University; and G. Wade, University of California, Santa Barbara.


Absorption Apertur development diagnosis diffraction holography hospital imaging techniques interferometry laser microscopy nondestructive testing research testing visualization

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