Purine Metabolism in Man-IV

Part B: Biochemical, Immunological, and Cancer Research

  • Chris H. M. M. De Bruyn
  • H. Anne Simmonds
  • Mathias M. Müller

Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (AEMB, volume 165)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xvi
  2. Biochemical and Enzymological Studies

    1. Purine Synthesis De Novo

    2. Purine Interconversions and Salvage Pathways

      1. Theodore Page, Bohdan Bakay, William L. Nyhan
        Pages 27-31
      2. Donald L. Sloan, Linda Z. Ali, Dian Picou, Antonio Joseph Jr.
        Pages 45-50
      3. H. Bouman, G. Rijksen, J. Hofstede, G. E. J. Staal, B. J. M. Zegers, L. J. M. Spaapen
        Pages 51-54
      4. Nobuaki Ogasawara, Haruko Goto, Yasukazu Yamada
        Pages 59-62
      5. Boris Chechik, Reuben Baumal, Sutapa SenGupta
        Pages 63-66
      6. Yasukazu Yamada, Haruko Goto, Nobuaki Ogasawara
        Pages 75-78
      7. Roger A. Lewis, Linda F. Watkins
        Pages 79-82
      8. Naoyuki Kamatani, Masaru Kubota, Erik H. Willis, Lee A. Frincke, Dennis A. Carson
        Pages 83-88
    3. Enzymes of Purimidine Metabolism

  3. Purine Metabolism in Normal Lymphoid Cells

    1. H. J. Schuurman, J. P. R. M. van Laarhoven, R. Broekhuizen, P. Brekelmans, G. Th. Spierenburg, C. G. Figdor et al.
      Pages 99-106
    2. G. J. Peters, A. Oosterhof, J. H. Veerkamp
      Pages 107-110
    3. J. P. R. M. van Laarhoven, G. Th. Spierenburg, H. Collet, G. Delespesse, C. H. M. M. De Bruyn
      Pages 111-118
    4. R. A. De Abreu, G. J. Peters, J. H. Veerkamp
      Pages 125-128
    5. N. Lawrence Edwards, Beverly S. Mitchell, I. H. Fox, J. J. Mond
      Pages 129-132
  4. Purine Metabolism in Relation to Lymphocyte Function

    1. Dennis A. Carson, Donald B. Wasson, Ellen Lakow, Naoyuki Kamatani
      Pages 133-139
    2. E. W. Gelfand, C. P. Rao, D. McCurdy, N. H. Sigal, A. Cohen
      Pages 141-146
    3. R. B. Pilz, R. C. Willis, S. Wanlass, J. E. Seegmiller
      Pages 147-152
    4. Erminia De Carapella-Luca, Michele Stegagno, Paola Lucarelli, Armando Signoretti, Carlo Imperato, Sybe K. Wadman et al.
      Pages 159-162
    5. A. Cohen, J. Barankiewicz, A. Issekutz, E. W. Gelfand
      Pages 163-166
    6. G. T. Rijkers, B. J. M. Zegers, L. J. M. Spaapen, D. H. Rutgers, W. Kuis, J. J. Roord et al.
      Pages 171-174
    7. Frederick B. Rudolph, Anil D. Kulkarni, Vicky B. Schandle, Charles T. Van Buren
      Pages 175-178
    8. A. Goday, D. R. Webster, H. A. Simmonds, R. J. Levinsky, D. Perrett, Z. Brown et al.
      Pages 179-182
  5. Immunopharmacology

    1. Th. W. van den Akker, A. T. J. Bianchi, H. Bril, R. Benner
      Pages 183-188
    2. G. Delespesse, J. P. R. M. van Laarhoven, H. Collet, C. H. M. M. De Bruyn
      Pages 205-210
    3. Irene S. Kazmers, A. Paulette Dalke, Peter E. Daddona, William N. Kelley
      Pages 211-214
    4. L. J. M. Spaapen, M. E. Dane, E. Toebes, B. Tepas, G. E. J. Staal, M. Duran et al.
      Pages 215-220
  6. Purine Metabolism in Macrophages

    1. Jerzy Barankiewicz, Amos Cohen
      Pages 227-232
  7. Enzymes of Purine Metabolism as Markers for Malignancy

    1. J. P. R. M. van Laarhoven, G. Th. Spierenburg, G. C. de Gast, T. J. Schouten, C. H. M. M. De Bruyn
      Pages 233-240
    2. Martin B. Van Der Weyden, Lynnette Hallam, T. Eng Gan, Peter H. Ellims
      Pages 241-247
    3. Wolf Gutensohn, Eckhard Thiel, Silvia Buschette
      Pages 249-253
    4. Boris Chechik, William Schrader, Ann Perets, Bernard Fernandes
      Pages 255-259

About this book


These two volumes, entitled "Purine Metabolism in Man IV" con­ tain the papers presented at the Fourth International Symposium on Human Purine and Pyrimidine Metabolism", held in Maastricht (The Netherlands), June 1982. The proceedings of the three previous meet­ ings in Tel Aviv (Israel, 1973), Baden (Austria, 1976) and Madrid (Spain, 1979) were also published by Plenum Press. In the past few years interest in purine and pyrimidine metabo­ lism under normal and pathological conditions has been growing rapid­ ly. Apart from the more or less classical topics such as hyperuricae­ mia, clinical gout and urolithiasis, an increasing number of papers relating to other fields have been presented at successive meetings. Knowledge derived from the study of purine metabolism in relation to lymphocyte function, for instance, has opened up new possibilities for immunomodulation and leukaemia chemotherapy, with eventual conse­ quences for other types of cancer. At previous meetings there have been pointers implicating purine metabolism in relation to normal cardiac and skeletal muscle function. During the present meeting mych new data on both issues have been re­ ported which indicate clear differences in the pathways of ATP metabo­ lism. The widening of the field of interest is also illustrated by the recent work on infectious disease: exploitation of the differences in purine metabolic pathways in certain parasites compared with those in human cells has resulted in new rationales for therapy being devel­ oped.


ATP Nucleotide Purine Pyrimidine amino acid base enzyme enzymes metabolism methylation mitochondria pharmacology phosphorylation primary structure translation

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  • H. Anne Simmonds
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  • Mathias M. Müller
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  2. 2.Guy’s Hospital Medical SchoolLondonUK
  3. 3.University of ViennaViennaAustria

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