Flows of Energy and Materials in Marine Ecosystems

Theory and Practice

  • M. J. R. Fasham

Part of the NATO Conference Series book series (NATOCS, volume 13)

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  2. Invited Papers

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. J. E. Paloheimo, A. P. Zimmerman, W. G. Sprules, M. A. Gates
      Pages 85-104
    3. S. W. Nixon, M. E. Q. Pilson, C. A. Oviatt, P. Donaghay, B. Sullivan, S. Seitzinger et al.
      Pages 105-135
    4. Joel C. Goldman
      Pages 137-170
    5. Winfried W. Gieskes, Gijsbert W. Kraay
      Pages 171-190
    6. Mario M. Pamatmat
      Pages 223-246
    7. Tom Fenchel
      Pages 301-315
    8. K. H. Mann
      Pages 435-458
    9. Gary D. Sharp
      Pages 459-474
    10. Victor Smetacek
      Pages 517-547
    11. B.-O. Jansson, W. Wilmot, F. Wulff
      Pages 549-595
  3. Working Group Reports

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 627-627
    2. L. Legendre, Y. Collos, M. Elbrächter, M. J. R. Fasham, W. W. C. Gieskes, A. Herbland et al.
      Pages 629-639
    3. T. T. Packard, C. Joiris, P. Lasserre, H. J. Minas, M. Pamatmat, A. R. Skjoldal et al.
      Pages 641-649
    4. H. Postma, W. M. Kemp, J. M. Colebrook, J. Horwood, I. R. Joint, R. Lampitt et al.
      Pages 651-661
    5. E. Corner, U. Brockmann, J. C. Goldman, G. A. Jackson, R. P. LeBorgne, M. Lewis et al.
      Pages 663-669
    6. K. H. Mann, B. Frost, L. Guglielmo, M. Huntley, B. O. Jansson, A. R. Longhurst et al.
      Pages 671-684
    7. P. A. Jumars, R. C. Newell, M. V. Angel, S. W. Fowler, S. A. Poulet, G. T. Rowe et al.
      Pages 685-693
    8. J. B. L. Matthews, A. L. Alldredge, R. L. Haedrich, J. Paloheimo, L. Saldanha, G. D. Sharp et al.
      Pages 695-706
    9. J. S. Gray, J. G. Field, F. Azam, T. Fenchel, L.-A. Meyer-Reil, F. Thingstad
      Pages 707-723
  4. Back Matter
    Pages 725-733

About this book


The impetus for the conference held at Bombannes, France in May, 1982 arose out of a Scientific Committee on Oceanic Research (SCOR) Working Group on "Mathematical Models in Biological Oceanography". This group was chaired by K.H. Mann and held two meetings in 1977 and 1979. At both meetings it was felt that, although reductionist modelling of marine ecosystems had achieved some successes, the future progress lay in the development of holistic ecosystem models. The members of the group (K.H. Mann, T. Platt, J.M. Colebrook, D.F. Smith, M.J.R. Fasham, J. Field, G. Radach, R.E. Ulanowicz and F. Wulff) produced a critical review of reductionist and holistic models which was published by the Unesco Press (Platt, Mann and Ulanowicz, 1981). One of the conclusions of this review was that, whether holistic or reductionist models are preferred, it is critically important to increase the scientific effort in the measurement of physiological rates for the computation of ecological fluxes. The Working Group therefore recommended that an international meeting should be organized which would attempt to bring together theoretical ecologists and biological oceanographers to assess the present and future capability for measuring ecological fluxes and incorporating these data into models. An approach was made to the Marine Sciences Panel of the NATO Science Committee who expressed an interest in funding such a meeting. They awarded a planning grant and a planning group was formed consisting of M.J.R. Fasham, M.V. Angel, T. Platt, R.E.


Coast marine marine science ocean oceanography plankton

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