Surface Phenomena in Metallurgical Processes

Proceedings of an Interinstitute Conference

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  • A. I. Belyaev
Conference proceedings

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  2. V. I. Yavoiskii
    Pages 17-27
  3. V. N. Eremenko, V. I. Nizhenko
    Pages 28-44
  4. A. N. Krestovnikov, K. M. Rozin, V. N. Vigdorovich
    Pages 45-49
  5. V. N. Vigdorovich, A. E. Vol’pyan
    Pages 60-63
  6. Yu. P. Nesterov, S. F. Vazhenin, L. N. Antipin
    Pages 114-118
  7. A. S. Panov, I. S. Kulikov, L. M. Tsylev
    Pages 146-151
  8. A. F. Vishkarev, Yu. V. Kryakovskii, S. A. Bliznukov, V. I. Yavoiskii
    Pages 166-171
  9. L. M. Shcherbakov, V. S. Baibakov
    Pages 172-176
  10. I. T. Gul’din, A. V. Buzhinskaya
    Pages 177-178
  11. L. K. Savitskaya, P. A. Savintsev
    Pages 179-185
  12. I. G. Berzina, P. A. Savintsev
    Pages 186-192
  13. P. V. Gel’d, V. A. Korshunov, M. S. Petrushevskii, Yu. M. Gertman
    Pages 193-195
  14. K. I. Vashchenko, A. P. Rudoi
    Pages 196-202
  15. S. I. Stepanov, E. B. Kachina-Pullo, V. N. Devyatkin, E. A. Ukshe
    Pages 203-210
  16. Back Matter
    Pages 227-228

About these proceedings


Surface phenomena in the field of high-temperature processes are attracting ever increasing attention on the part of scientific workers and engineers. In this field, many questions of applied science cannot properly be solved without taking into account the characteristics caused by surface phenomena at the various interfaces. The importance of surface phenomena in the pyrometallurgy of nonferrous and ferrous metals was convincingly demonstrated at a scientific conference on this problem held in Moscow towards the end of 1961. The English translation of the transactions of this conference, "Surface Phenomena in Metallurgical Processes, .. and its publication in the USA will ena ble American scientists and engineers working in the field of surface phenomena and metallurgy to acquaint themselves with the work of Russian investigators in this inter­ esting field of physical chemistry and the theory of metallurgical processes. In the Soviet Union, important groups of scientists in Moscow, Leningrad, Kiev, Sverdlovsk. and other cities are engaged in the study of surface phenomena as applied to the different branches of metallurgy. We trust that the publication of the American edition of the book "Surface Phenomena in Metallurgical Processes" will help to strengthen the scientific bonds between Soviet and American scientists.


metallurgy metals physical chemistry

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