Cell and Molecular Biology of Artemia Development

  • Alden H. Warner
  • Thomas H. MacRae
  • Joseph C. Bagshaw

Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (NSSA, volume 174)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-x
  2. Dormancy and Development

    1. James S. Clegg, Susan A. Jackson
      Pages 1-15
    2. C. N. A. Trotman, S. P. Gieseg, R. S. Pirie, W. P. Tate
      Pages 17-28
    3. A. Van der Linden, R. Blust, R. Dommisse, G. Criel, W. Decleir
      Pages 29-45
    4. W. Decleir, G. Wolf, B. De Wachter
      Pages 47-54
    5. G. H. Wolf, B. De Wachter, F. Hens, A. Van der Linden
      Pages 55-55
    6. A. S. Pandey, J. E. Breckenridge, T. H. MacRae
      Pages 57-57
  3. Cellular and Structural Aspects

    1. John A. Freeman
      Pages 77-90
    2. G. R. J. Criel
      Pages 99-129
    3. Alden H. Warner
      Pages 157-169
    4. Brigitte Funke, Godelieve Criel, Klaus-Dieter Spindler
      Pages 191-200
    5. Roger A. Acey, Benton N. Yoshida, Martin E. Edep
      Pages 203-219
    6. Sharon L. Squires, Roger A. Acey
      Pages 221-221
    7. Mark Prescott, Andrew D. Milne, Alexander G. McLennan
      Pages 223-243
    8. Alexander G. McLennan, Graham E. Taylor, Mark Prescott, G. Michael Blackburn
      Pages 247-255
    9. David S. Miller, Patricia A. Healy, Roger A. Acey
      Pages 257-257
    10. Jaime Renart, Jesús Cruces, Margarita Diaz-Guerra, Elvira Domínguez, Enrique Franco, Inés Gil et al.
      Pages 287-293
    11. Jack C. Vaughn, Hannelore T. Koller, Kathleen A. Frondorf, Patricia D. Maschner, Walter H. Swanson
      Pages 295-313
    12. J. Cruces, M. Díaz-Guerra, I. Gil, J. Renart
      Pages 317-317
    13. Leandro Sastre, Ignacio Palmero, Maria-Teresa Macias, Ines Gil, Enrique Franco, Elvira Dominguez et al.
      Pages 319-327
    14. Roberto Marco, Beatriz Batuecas, Carmen Moratilla, Jesús Diez-Sebastián, Ruben Gómez-Rioja, Fernando Díaz-Otero et al.
      Pages 329-342
    15. E. Franco, J. Renart
      Pages 365-365
    16. I. Palmero, J. Renart, L. Sastre
      Pages 367-367
    17. M. Díaz-Guerra, A. Gandarillas, M. Quintanilla, J. Renart
      Pages 369-369
    18. Frank P. Conte
      Pages 371-376
  4. Tubulins and Hemoglobins

    1. Thomas H. MacRae, Elizabeth J. Campbell, Carrie M. Langdon
      Pages 389-405
    2. M. C. Lemaire, M. C. Sanders, L. J. Grzyb, G. R. Farley, J. C. Bagshaw
      Pages 407-407
    3. E. J. Campbell, T. H. MacRae
      Pages 409-409
    4. C. M. Langdon, T. H. MacRae
      Pages 411-411
    5. Anthony M. Manning, Craig J. Marshall, Robert J. Powell, Clive N. Trotman, Warren P. Tate
      Pages 413-425
    6. C. N. A. Trotman, A. Kean, W. P. Tate, L. Moens, W. Jacob
      Pages 427-427
    7. L. Moens, K. Ver Donck, K. De Smet, M. L. Van Hauwaert, J. Van Beeumen, P. Allard et al.
      Pages 429-438
  5. Computer Searches

    1. Robert P. McCourt
      Pages 439-440
  6. Back Matter
    Pages 441-453

About this book


The brine shrimp Artemia has become an important experimental system for studies of the developmental process. In recent years the shrimp has yielded considerable information on the pattern of development, bio­ chemistry, and gene structure and expression of crustaceans. This book is a compilation of research activity from twenty five of the most active re­ search laboratories working with brine shrimp in the above areas. It also represents the proceedings of a NATO Advanced Research Workshop held in Montreal, Canada, August 11-13, 1988. The book contains twenty nine full papers covering the major areas discussed at the workshop. In addition, one page abstracts representing seventeen poster presentations which were given at the workshop, and which were deemed to be most relevant to the theme of the book, are included. These are designated with an [al in the Table of Contents following the title of each paper. A considerable amount of discussion which took place during the workshop has not been included in the book because of space limitations. However, the editors will endeavour to make some of this in­ formation available at a later date through the Artemia Newsletter. In addition to the high percentage of invited speakers who attended and contributed to the workshop, the organizers would like to thank a number of participants who made valuable contributions to the major dis­ cussion sessions. These include: John Freeman, Michael Horst, Herman Slegers, Jack Vaughn, Frank Conte, Sandy McLennan, Clive Trotman and Patrick Sorgeloos.


biology cell chemistry development molecular biology

Editors and affiliations

  • Alden H. Warner
    • 1
  • Thomas H. MacRae
    • 2
  • Joseph C. Bagshaw
    • 3
  1. 1.Department of Biological SciencesUniversity of WindsorWindsorCanada
  2. 2.Department of BiologyDalhousie UniversityHalifaxCanada
  3. 3.Department of Biology and Biotech.Worcester Polytechnic InstituteWorcesterUSA

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