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Handbook of Recording Engineering

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Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-viii
  2. Section 1. Acoustical Foundations in Recording

    1. John M. Eargle
      Pages 1-37
    2. John M. Eargle
      Pages 38-56
  3. Section 2. Microphones

  4. Section 3. Fundamentals of stereophonic Recording

    1. John M. Eargle
      Pages 121-140
    2. John M. Eargle
      Pages 141-146
  5. Section 4. Recording Systems: Architecture, Metering and Monitoring

    1. John M. Eargle
      Pages 147-182
    2. John M. Eargle
      Pages 183-192
    3. John M. Eargle
      Pages 193-213
    4. John M. Eargle
      Pages 214-222
  6. Section 5. The Recording Medium

    1. John M. Eargle
      Pages 223-250
    2. John M. Eargle
      Pages 251-261
    3. John M. Eargle
      Pages 262-283
    4. John M. Eargle
      Pages 284-289

About this book


John Eargle's 4th edition of The Handbook of Recording Engineering is the latest version of his long-time classic hands-on book for aspiring recording engineers. It follows the broad outline of its predecessors, but has been completely recast for the benefit of today's training in recording and its allied arts and sciences.

Digital recording and signal processing are covered in detail, as are actual studio miking and production techniques -- including the developing field of surround sound. As always, the traditional topics of basic stereo, studio acoustics, analog tape recording, and the stereo LP are covered in greater detail than you are likely to find anywhere except in archival references.

This book has been completely updated with numerous new topics added and outdated material removed. Many technical descriptions are now presented in Sidebars, leaving the primary text for more general descriptions.

Handbook of Recording Engineering, Fourth Edition is for students preparing for careers in audio, recording, broadcast, and motion picture sound work. It will also be useful as a handbook for professionals already in the audio workplace.


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About the authors

John Eargle has consulted extensively in electroacoustical product development, primarily with JBL Incorporated and other companies in the Harman International group. He also founded his own company, now called JME Consulting Corporation. He has published numerous technical articles, and his books, Handbook of Recording Engineering, The Microphone Handbook, Handbook of Sound System Design, Electroacoustical Reference Data, Music, Sound, and Technology, and The Loudspeaker Handbook, are considered classics in the field. He currently holds the position of Senior Director of Product Development and Application for JBL Professional.

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