Semi-Insulating III–V Materials

Nottingham 1980

  • G. J. Rees

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages iii-xiii
  2. Invited papers

  3. Preparation and growth of semi-insulating GaAs and InP

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 57-57
    2. M. Bonnet, J. P. Duchemin, A. M. Huber, G. Morillot
      Pages 68-75
    3. R. N. Thomas, H. M. Hobgood, D. L. Barrett, G. W. Eldridge
      Pages 76-82
    4. F. Simondet, C. Venger, G. M. Martin, J. Chaumont
      Pages 100-107
    5. T. Udagawa, M. Higashiura, T. Nakanisi
      Pages 108-114
    6. Jiro Kasahara, Naozo Watanabe
      Pages 115-121
    7. I. J. Saunders, K. Steeples
      Pages 122-129
    8. A. Mircea-Roussel, G. Jacob, J. P. Hallais
      Pages 133-137
    9. C. A. Evans Jr, C. G. Hopkins, J. C. Norberg, V. R. Deline, R. J. Blattner, R. G. Wilson et al.
      Pages 138-141
  4. Investigations of semi-insulating materials

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 143-143
    2. L. Eaves, T. Englert, T. Instone, C. Uihlein, P. J. Williams, H. C. Wright
      Pages 145-153
    3. S. Fung, R. J. Nicholas
      Pages 154-160
    4. S. G. Bishop, P. B. Klein, R. L. Henry, B. D. McCombe
      Pages 161-166
    5. D. R. Wight, I. D. Blenkinsop, S. J. Bass
      Pages 174-182
    6. N. Killoran, B. C. Cavenett, W. E. Hagston
      Pages 190-197
    7. L. G. Meiners, H. H. Wieder
      Pages 198-205
    8. N. T. Linh, A. M. Huber, P. Etienne, G. Morillot, P. Duchemin, M. Bonnet
      Pages 206-213
    9. P. Bury, L. J. Challis, P. J. King, D. J. Monk, A. Ramdane, V. W. Rampton et al.
      Pages 214-220
    10. A. M. Hennel, W. Szuszkiewicz, G. Martinez, B. Clerjaud, A. M. Huber, G. Morillot et al.
      Pages 228-232
    11. T. Jesper, B. Hamilton, A. R. Peaker
      Pages 233-240
    12. B. Deveaud, B. Toulouse
      Pages 241-248
    13. M. A. Amato, M. C. Arikan, B. K. Ridley
      Pages 249-253
    14. G. Picoli, B. Deveaud, D. Galland
      Pages 254-258
  5. Theoretical consideration of deep level semi-insulating systems

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 259-259
    2. C. A. Bates, A. S. Abhvani, S. P. Austen
      Pages 267-273
    3. K. J. Blow, J. C. Inkson
      Pages 274-280
    4. A. Baldereschi, K. Maschke, F. Meloni
      Pages 288-291
    5. D. J. Robbins, P. T. Landsberg
      Pages 299-301
  6. Influence of deep levels on device properties and material characterization

About this book


The study of deep levels in semiconductors has seen considerable growth in recent years. Many new techniques have become available for investigating both the electronic properties of deep levels and the chemical nature of the defects from which they arise. This increasing interest has been stimulated by the importance of the subject to device technology, in particular those microwave and opto-electronic devices made from GaAs, InP and their alloys. While previous conferences have covered specialist areas of deep level technology, the meeting described here was arranged to draw together workers from these separate fields of study. The following papers reflect the breadth of interests represented at the conference. For the sake of uniformity we have chosen the English alternative where an American expression has been used. We have also sought to improve grammar, sometimes without the approval of the author in the interests of rapid publication. The Editor wishes to thank the referees for their ready advice at all stages, Paul Jay who helped with many of the editorial duties and Muriel Howes and Lorraine Jones for rapid and accurate typing.


alloy defects electronic properties epitaxy growth material materials microwave nature semiconductor semiconductors technology

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