Oxidation of Metals

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During the translation, the author had the opportunity to re­ view several chapters, taking into consideration the more recent literature. As far as possible all new theoretical concepts and experi­ mental data published before 1963 have been quoted and discussed under the theoretical viewpoint of this book. A new chapter "Passivity and Inhibition During High-Tempera­ ture Oxidation" was introduced. Section 4.8 was enlarged by a dis­ cussion of the transition from internal to external oxidation. The author very much appreciates the cooperation of the trans­ lator and of Plenum Press. Gottingen, April 1.965 Karl Hauffe v Preface The number of publications concerned with oxidation and cor­ rosion processes has become so copious that many engineers and scientists find it practically impossible to obtain an overall view of the growing body of knowledge and to bring order to the confusing multiplicity of experimental data. As a result the need for a compre­ hensive survey of the present state of research in this field has be­ come more and more urgent.


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