COMADEM 89 International

Proceedings of the First International Congress on Condition Monitoring and Diagnostic Engineering Management (COMADEM)

  • Editors
  • Raj B. K. N. Rao
  • A. D. Hope

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages 1-12
  2. Introduction

    1. Raj B. K. N. Rao
      Pages 13-13
  3. Key Note Lecture 1

  4. Key Note Lecture 2

    1. D. S. T. Raubenheimer
      Pages 20-24
  5. Key Note Lecture 3

    1. D. A. L. West
      Pages 25-28
  6. Machinery/Systems Health Monitoring

  7. Quality, Reliability, Health and Safety

  8. Plant and Process Health Monitoring

    1. J. E. Amadi-Echendu, E. H. Higham, P. J. Hurren
      Pages 154-158
    2. H. Kaghazchi, R. Hilliard
      Pages 159-164
    3. John J. S. Derry, R. C. Waterfall
      Pages 165-169
    4. A. S. Mardapittas, Y. H. J. Au
      Pages 170-174
    5. M. P. Jenkins, S. G. C. Hadden
      Pages 175-181
    6. W. D. N. Pritchard, G. Hyde
      Pages 187-193
  9. Application of Expert Systems in COMADEM

    1. R. C. Witcomb, P. J. C. Skitt, P. D. Hewitt
      Pages 194-198
    2. S. Sadeque, R. Benhadj, M. M. A. Safa, B. Dawson
      Pages 206-211
    3. R. M. Dunlop, J. Davis
      Pages 212-218
    4. I. M. Reason, J. Davis
      Pages 219-225
    5. B. E. Sanders, B. A. Lewis, S. A. C. Sanders, J. E. Cherrington
      Pages 226-230
    6. Stuart Toole, Mike Winfield
      Pages 231-237
    7. Soheir Ghallab, Janet Efstathiou
      Pages 238-241
    8. A. S. Sehmi, N. B. Jones, N. L. Robinson
      Pages 247-253
  10. Information/Data Management

  11. Condition-based Maintenance Management

About this book


RajB KNRao Conference Director, Birmingham Polytechnic Condition Monitoring and Diagnostic Engineering Management (COMADEM) is a relatively new field that has already made its mark in a wide range of industries. But all the signs are that even more will be required of researchers in the field over the next decade, for COMADEM directly addresses a whole range of issues that are likely to become increasingly important to companies as competitiveness increases along with the uncertainties resulting from rapid technological change. Already for example, businesses are having to scrutinize the economics of plant and machinery in greater detail than ever before; reliability is becoming a crucial factor as the costs of unscheduled breakdowns rise and there is increasing pressure on companies to demonstrate and assure improved health and safety conditions, especially in light of the growing number of catastrophic accidents that have occured throughout the world. Because it offers solutions to these and similar problems, COMADEM is now gaining an international reputation as a problem-solving, user-friendly and financially beneficial multi-discipline with immense potential. Many people at the senior management level are now convinced that COMADEM has much to offer and are wasting no time in reaping maximum benefit from the latest developments. The fact that the first UK informal seminar on COMADEM - COMADEM 88 - proved to be a great success and had a truly international flavour reflected this growing interest in the new field.


accident condition monitoring development engine health machine management pressure quality reliability research safety

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