Old and New Questions in Physics, Cosmology, Philosophy, and Theoretical Biology

Essays in Honor of Wolfgang Yourgrau

  • Alwyn van der Merwe

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xv
  2. Introduction

    1. Alwyn van der Merwe
      Pages 1-34
  3. Current Problems in Physics and Cosmology

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 35-35
    2. Peter G. Bergmann
      Pages 59-66
    3. Hermann Bondi
      Pages 77-82
    4. Louis de Broglie
      Pages 83-86
    5. Stanley P. Gudder
      Pages 109-127
    6. Jean Heidmann
      Pages 133-144
    7. L. P. Horwitz
      Pages 169-188
    8. C. J. Isham
      Pages 189-211
    9. D. Ivanenko
      Pages 213-221
    10. Toivo Jaakkola
      Pages 223-242
    11. Jean-Paul Marchand
      Pages 275-287
    12. James L. Park, Ralph F. Simmons Jr.
      Pages 289-308
    13. Jean-Claude Pecker
      Pages 309-323
    14. N. Cufaro-Petroni, J.-P. Vigier
      Pages 325-344
    15. C. Piron
      Pages 345-361
    16. Erasmo Recami
      Pages 377-396
    17. T. Anders, W. Jachmann, H. Salecker, K. Wadan
      Pages 411-420
    18. Richard Schlegel
      Pages 421-432
    19. E. C. G. Sudarshan
      Pages 457-467
    20. M. Surdin
      Pages 469-493
    21. Harald Wergeland
      Pages 503-515
  4. Issues in Biology, Philosophy, and the History of Science

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 523-523
    2. Francisco J. Ayala
      Pages 525-534
    3. Heinz Beran
      Pages 535-548
    4. Stanley L. Jaki
      Pages 593-605
    5. Morris Lazerowitz
      Pages 625-645
    6. R. Bruce Lindsay
      Pages 647-658
    7. André Mercier
      Pages 671-682
    8. Arne Naess
      Pages 683-687

About this book


Simply to say that this is a collection of essays in honor of the late Wolfgang Yourgrau (1908-1979) is to explain, at least for-the obviously many-"insiders," the unusually wide-ranging title of the present volume. In a Foreword to the Proceedings of the First International Colloquium (focusing on logic, physical reality, and history), held at the University of Denver in May of 1966 under their leadership, Wolfgang Y ourgrau and Allen Breck wrote, in an oblique reference to C. P. Snow: "Indeed there are not two or three or four cultures: there is only one culture; our generation has lost its awareness of this . . . . Historians, logicians, physicists-all are banded in one common enterprise, namely in their des ire to weave an enlightened fabric of human knowledge. " Augment, if you will, the foregoing categories of scholars with biologists, philos­ ophers, cosmologists, and theologians-all of whom, in addition to historians, Wolf­ gang Yourgrau, by dint of his inextinguishable enthusiasm and charismatic qualities, assembled in Denver for the Second and Third International Colloquia (in 1967 and 1974, respectively)-and a few other besides, and one arrives at a statement of the credo wh ich Y ourgrau not only professed, but consistently exemplified throughout his adult life.


Albert Einstein invariance mechanics quantum mechanics semantics theory of relativity thermodynamics

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