Ion Interactions in Energy Transfer Biomembranes

  • G. C. Papageorgiou
  • J. Barber
  • S. Papa

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-ix
  2. Surface Electrical Phenomena in Biological Membranes, Functional Implications

  3. Proton Motive Force and Ion Pumps

    1. Menachem Gutman, Ester Nachliel, Michael Fishman
      Pages 93-103
    2. K. van Dam, H. Woelders, A. M. A. F. Colen
      Pages 105-110
    3. Yaroslav de Kouchkovsky, Claude Sigalat, Francis Haraux, Suong Phung Nhu Hung
      Pages 119-131
    4. Peter Gräber, Ulrike Junesch, Günter Schmidt, Petra Fromme
      Pages 147-156
    5. Jörg Tittor, Peter Hegemann, Dieter Oesterhelt
      Pages 157-158
    6. D. M. Engelman
      Pages 167-172
    7. Marcelle Lefort-Tran, Monique Pouphile, Bernard Arrio, Georges Johannin, Pierre Volfin, Lester Packer
      Pages 173-182
    8. Arthur A. Guffanti
      Pages 195-199
  4. Ionic Regulation of Energy Transfer in Photosynthetic Systems

  5. Ion Requirements of Photosynthetic Electron Transport

  6. Back Matter
    Pages 331-334

About this book


The Expert Committee on Biomaterials and Biotechnology for the European and the North American Region was founded by the General Assembly of UNESCO at its 21st Session, in 1981. The Committee comprises a Coordinating Group and four working Groups, defined in the following scientific areas: Group I Proteins: source, structure and function. Group II Nucl~ic acids: the hereditary materials. Group III Im~une materials and mechanisms. Membranes and transport in biosystems. Group IV In fulfilment of one of the objectives of the Committee, which have been adopted by the General Assembly of UNESCO in 1981, namely the intensification of the exchange of scientific information on biomaterials and biotechnology, working Group IV organized an international workshop on Ion Interactions in Energy Transport Systems, which was convened in Athens, Greece, from 8 to 12 April, 1985. Scientific papers presented at that workshop make up the chapters presented in this volume. The present volume focusses on natural and artificial membranes that are involved in energy transduction. Several chapters are devoted to membranes and membrane components that convert and utilize light, such as the thylakoid membrane of oxygenic photosynthetic organisms (eukaryotic and prokaryotic), the chromatophore membrane of nonoxygenic photosynthetic bacteria and the purple membrane of the halophilic bacteria. Other systems examined include the mitochondrial membranes and their adenine nucleotide carrier, the plasma membrane of animal cells, and lipid bilayer vesicles, either reconstituted or not, with enzymes.


Europe acid assembly bacteria biomaterial cells energy information material materials mechanism mechanisms protein structure transport

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