Handbook of Techniques in High-Pressure Research and Engineering

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  • Daniil S. Tsiklis

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    Pages i-xiii
  2. Daniil S. Tsiklis
    Pages 137-196
  3. Daniil S. Tsiklis
    Pages 209-270
  4. Daniil S. Tsiklis
    Pages 271-290
  5. Daniil S. Tsiklis
    Pages 291-298
  6. Daniil S. Tsiklis
    Pages 431-443
  7. Back Matter
    Pages 444-504

About this book


The extent of experimentation with high pressures has become so great that it appears timely to publish a book in this field. The author, D. S. Tsiklis, is already known to persons working with high pressures as a sound reviewer and compiler, as from Bridgman's mention of him in "Physics of High Pressures," Bell & Co. , 1949. The present book offers a wide scope of comparison of equipment and procedures used with high pres­ sures. The original application of topics was to physics and chemistry, but it can be seen that the text material is equally useful in earth sciences and engineering. Some of the fields to which the subject matter is being ap­ plied are: Synthesis of new phases under high pressures Chemical reactions under high pressures Measurements of physical properties ofmaterials under high pressures Rock mechanics Metalworking under high pressures Mechanical design associated with high pressures It is believed that this book will serve as a sound general basis for experimentation with high pressure for many years. The references in the book are up to date (1965) and large in num­ ber. The illustrations can serve as assembly drawings from which detail drawings can be made; for this reason, the figures in the English edition are reproduced to larger scale than in the original Russian.


assembly chemical reaction chemical reactions design materials measurement mechanics metals physics pressure reaction research rock mechanics sound units

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