Gas Phase Chromatography

Volume II Capillary Chromatography

  • Rudolf Kaiser

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THE remarkable capabilities of capillary gas partition chromatography (or, in short, capillary chromatography) are beyond all doubt. In spite of this, difficulties are continually arising in the experimental realization of this interesting development of gas chromatography, and this hinders the rapid acceptance of these methods. For this reason, in the present work I have dealt with experimental and practical problems rather than with theoretical aspects, hoping that this may serve to remove many of the problems con­ cerned. The present publication is based on experimental work carried out in productive collaboration with my teachers and colleagues, to whom I owe a great deal. I should like to thank the following for their valuable assistance and stimulating suggestions: Professor E. Cremer, Dr. H. Kienitz and his colleagues, Professor A. I. M. Keulemans, Dr. I. Halasz, and in particular Mr. D. H. Desty and Dr. R. P. W. Scott. I should also like to thank the management of the Badische Anilin- und Sodafabrik AG, Ludwigshafen, for their generous support and for per­ mission to publish this book. The outstanding co-operation of the Verlag Bibliographisches Institut, Mannheim, was for me a particular pleasure.


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