The Self: Interdisciplinary Approaches

  • Jaine Strauss
  • George R. Goethals

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xii
  2. George R. Goethals, Jaine Strauss
    Pages 1-17
  3. Hazel R. Markus, Shinobu Kitayama
    Pages 18-48
  4. Morris N. Eagle
    Pages 49-65
  5. William J. McGuire, Claire V. McGuire
    Pages 107-120
  6. Jane Loevinger, Augusto Blasi
    Pages 150-167
  7. Charles S. Carver, Michael F. Scheier
    Pages 168-207
  8. Shelley E. Taylor, Margaret E. Kemeny, Geoffrey M. Reed, Lisa G. Aspinwall
    Pages 239-254

About this book


A truly remarkable explosion of interest in the self has taken place in the past two decades, in psychology and related disciplines. This book presents a wide range of recent work on the self, from self-awareness in chimpanzees to multiple-personality disorders, self-esteem in adolescents, as well as fundamental issues going back to the work of James, Cooley and others. Three main groups or clusters of themes emerge. The first cluster consists of chapters that discuss the organization and coherence of the self; the second one deals with self-awareness and self-deception; and the third one examines, in new ways, the question of the relationship between self and other. While it is difficult to predict exactly where future work on the self will lead scholars, this work points in some significant directions and provides a firm reference in the field.


ETA Self adjustment autonomy cluster coherence depression development media myths nature organization organizations psychology treatment

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  • George R. Goethals
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