Peroxides, Superoxides, and Ozonides of Alkali and Alkaline Earth Metals

  • Il’ya Ivanovich Vol’nov
  • A. W. Petrocelli

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    Pages iii-xiv
  2. Il’ya Ivanovich Vol’nov, A. W. Petrocelli
    Pages 9-20
  3. Il’ya Ivanovich Vol’nov, A. W. Petrocelli
    Pages 21-55
  4. Il’ya Ivanovich Vol’nov, A. W. Petrocelli
    Pages 57-89
  5. Il’ya Ivanovich Vol’nov, A. W. Petrocelli
    Pages 91-124
  6. Il’ya Ivanovich Vol’nov, A. W. Petrocelli
    Pages 125-141
  7. Il’ya Ivanovich Vol’nov, A. W. Petrocelli
    Pages 142-142
  8. Back Matter
    Pages 143-146

About this book


Since the early 1930's, Soviet chemists have played a lead­ ing role in the study of unfamiliar oxidation state compounds of the peroxide, superoxide, and ozonide types. Interest in the alkali and alkaline earth metal derivatives is now widespread and diverse, and numerous practical applications of these com­ pounds have evolved, ranging from their use as air revitaliza­ tion materials in space cabins to their use in compounding semiconductor materials. Professor Vol'nov is eminently qualified to write this monograph since for many years he has been a leading investi­ gator and prolific writer in the field of peroxide, superoxide, and ozonide chemistry. He has succeeded in presenting a lucid and detailed discussion of past work, the present state, and the future potential of this area of unfamiliar oxidation state chemistry. Of particular interest is Professor Vol 'nov's extensive compilation of available thermodynamic, kinetic, and structural data for the alkali and alkaline earth peroxides, superoxides, and ozonides. In addition, he has reviewed the known methods of synthesis, as well as the practical applications for which these compounds are suited. This monograph will be of interest and value to chemists, not only for the information it imparts, but equally for the information it does not impart, thereby illuminating the re­ search paths and investigation which must be undertaken in order to increase our knowledge concerning the chemistry of this important class of chemical compounds.


Rubidium Strontium alkali metal alkaline earth metal barium cadmium calcium lithium magnesium mercury metals potassium sodium synthesis zinc

Authors and affiliations

  • Il’ya Ivanovich Vol’nov
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  1. 1.Laboratory of Peroxide Chemistry, N. S. Kurnakov Institute of General and Inorganic ChemistryAcademy of Sciences of the USSRMoscowUSSR

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  • A. W. Petrocelli
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  1. 1.General Dynamics/Electric Boat DivisionChemistry and Chemical Engineering SectionGrotonUSA

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