Proceedings of the Fourth International Congress on Mathematical Education

  • Marilyn J. Zweng
  • Thomas Green
  • Jeremy Kilpatrick
  • Henry O. Pollak
  • Marilyn Suydam

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xv
  2. George Polya, Hans Freudenthal, Hermina Sinclair, William Higginson, L. K. Hua, H. Tong et al.
    Pages 1-26
  3. Romabus Ogbanna Ohuche, Max A. Sobel, Shirley Frye, Alonso Viteri Garrido
    Pages 27-35
  4. Frederique Papy, Peter Hilton, Mary Laycock
    Pages 36-43
  5. James T. Fey, R. R. Mclone, Bienvenide F. Nebres, Margaret E. Rayner, Fred S. Roberts, Gerhard Becker et al.
    Pages 44-88
  6. D. W. Alexander, Jeff Baxter, Iluminada C. Coronel Sr., Hilary Shuard, Zbigniew Semadini, Julian Weissglass et al.
    Pages 89-152
  7. Eric Gower, Gerhard Holland, Jean Pedersen, Julio Castineira Merino, Koichi Abe, John Del Grande et al.
    Pages 153-178
  8. Leo H. Klingen, Richard S. Pieters, I. J. Good, Ruma Falk, Tibor Nemetz, Jim Swift et al.
    Pages 179-206
  9. Sam O. Ale, Diego Bricio Hernandez, Lilia Del Riego, J. F. Ling, Ivo W. Molenaar, Samuel Goldberg et al.
    Pages 207-275
  10. Shmuel Avital, Jose R. Pascual Ibarra, Ian Isaacs, Diana Burkhardt, Eric Love, Marion Walter et al.
    Pages 276-298
  11. J. H. van Lint, Nicolas C. Balacheff, David Singmaster, Arthur Engel, W. F. Lucas, A. J. Lohwater et al.
    Pages 299-357
  12. H. B. Griffiths, Ubiratan D’Ambrosio, Stephen S. Willoughby, Mohammed El Tom, W. H. Cockroft, David F. Robitaille et al.
    Pages 358-404
  13. Richard E. Snow, Herbert J. Walberg, Christine Keitel-Kreidt, Donald J. Dessart, L. Ray Carry, Jens Holger Lorenz et al.
    Pages 405-443
  14. Hans Niels Jahnke, Rolando Chuaqui, Gilles Lachaud, David Pimm, Gerald A. Goldin, Alan H. Schoenfeld et al.
    Pages 444-545
  15. Norbert Knoche, Robert L. Lindsay, Ann F. McAloon, R. E. Roberts
    Pages 546-556
  16. Jan van de Craats, Neville Gale, Jose Gabriel Ipina, Lucien Kieffer, Murray S. Klamkin, Peter J. O’Halloran et al.
    Pages 557-567
  17. A. G. Howson, F. D. Lowenthal, Michele Pellerey, Colette Laborde, Tsutomu Hosoi, Maurizio Gnerre et al.
    Pages 568-586
  18. P. G. Human, A. J. Dawson, Efraim Fischbein, Leon Henkin, Erich Wittman, A. W. Bell
    Pages 587-604
  19. Hartwig Meissner, Richard J. Fatemen, K. D. Graf, K. A. Keil, H. Lothe, Guy Noel et al.
    Pages 605-640
  20. David Roseveare, Denis Kennedy, David Lingard, Emma Castelnuovo, Paul Delannoy, James R. C. Leitzel et al.
    Pages 641-664
  21. Elizabeth K. Stage, Elizabeth Fennema, Kay Gilliland, Nancy Kreinberg, Kristina Leeb-Lundberg, Marjorie Carrs et al.
    Pages 665-687
  22. A. L. Blakers, Isabelle P. Rucker, Burt Kaufman, Gerald R. Rising, Dorothy S. Strong, Arnold E. Ross et al.
    Pages 688-722
  23. Back Matter
    Pages 723-725

About this book


Henry O. Pollak Chairman of the International Program Committee Bell Laboratories Murray Hill, New Jersey, USA The Fourth International Congress on Mathematics Education was held in Berkeley, California, USA, August 10-16, 1980. Previous Congresses were held in Lyons in 1969, Exeter in 1972, and Karlsruhe in 1976. Attendance at Berkeley was about 1800 full and 500 associate members from about 90 countries; at least half of these come from outside of North America. About 450 persons participated in the program either as speakers or as presiders; approximately 40 percent of these came from the U.S. or Canada. There were four plenary addresses; they were delivered by Hans Freudenthal on major problems of mathematics education, Hermina Sinclair on the relationship between the learning of language and of mathematics, Seymour Papert on the computer as carrier of mathematical culture, and Hua Loo-Keng on popularising and applying mathematical methods. Gearge Polya was the honorary president of the Congress; illness prevented his planned attendence but he sent a brief presentation entitled, "Mathematics Improves the Mind". There was a full program of speakers, panelists, debates, miniconferences, and meetings of working and study groups. In addition, 18 major projects from around the world were invited to make presentations, and various groups representing special areas of concern had the opportunity to meet and to plan their future activities.


Algebra Applied Mathematics Arithmetic Evaluation Problem-solving Stochastics Variable calculus computer science function geometry mathematics

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  • Marilyn J. Zweng
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  • Thomas Green
  • Jeremy Kilpatrick
  • Henry O. Pollak
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  • Marilyn Suydam
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  2. 2.Bell LaboratoriesMurray HillUSA

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