Indications for Heart Valve Replacement by Age Group

  • Carlos Gomez-Duran
  • George J. ReulJr.

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xviii
  2. Experience with Heart Valve Replacement in Pediatric Patients

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. D. Grunenwald, P. R. Vouhe, W. Khoury, J. Y. Neveux
      Pages 3-7
    3. H. O’Kane, D. Gladstone, L. Hamilton, I. Galvin, I. Cleland
      Pages 9-15
    4. D. N. Campbell, C. Madigan, D. R. Clarke
      Pages 17-24
    5. I. Reyes, A. Juffe, G. Pradas, R. Burgos, L. Pulpón, G. Tellez et al.
      Pages 29-38
    6. A. Wessels, M. Antunes
      Pages 39-40
  3. Heart Valve Replacement in Adults (Age 65 and Younger)

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 47-47
    2. Ph. Mikaeloff, O. Jegaden, M. Ferrini, J. Coll-Mazzei, J. Y. Bonnefoy, A. Rumolo
      Pages 49-63
    3. A. J. Acinapura, D. M. Rose, J. N. Cunningham Jr., I. J. Jacobowitz, M. D. Kramer, Z. Zisbrod
      Pages 65-72
    4. K. Kawazoe, T. Fujita, F. Yamamoto, S. Takeuchi, N. Fujii, H. Manabe
      Pages 73-78
    5. I. Gandjbakhch, V. Bors, M. Fontanel, A. Pavie, C. Cabrol, A. Cabrol
      Pages 79-81
    6. J. Cleland, I. Galvin, L. Hamilton, D. Gladstone, H. O’Kane
      Pages 83-92
    7. J. M. Hasenkam, J. H. Østergaard, E. M. Pedersen, P. K. Paulsen, B. A. Schurizek, H. Stødkilde-Jørgensen
      Pages 93-98
    8. R. S. Hartz, S. O’Mara, S. N. Meyers, D. J. Mehlman
      Pages 107-110
    9. A. Pavie, C. Cabrol, A. Tabley, V. Bors, M. Fontanel, I. Gandjbakhch
      Pages 119-122
  4. Valve Replacement in the Elderly (Age 66 and Older)

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 127-127
    2. L. Gonzalez-Lavin, L. B. McGrath, S. Amini, B. Lewis, J. Gonzalez-Lavin, S. Chi
      Pages 137-146
    3. R. Körfer, U. Pott, K. Minami, U. Gleichmann
      Pages 147-154
    4. B. Blakeman, A. Montoya, H. Sullivan, M. Bakhos, J. Grieco, B. Foy et al.
      Pages 155-160
    5. Y. Logeais, A. Leguerrier, C. Rioux, J. F. Delambre, T. Langanay
      Pages 161-171
  5. Considerations in Heart Valve Replacement

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 177-177
    2. D. Horstkotte, H. D. Schulte, W. Bircks
      Pages 179-205
    3. A. M. Borkon, L. M. Soule, K. L. Baughman, W. A. Baumgardner, T. J. Gardner, L. Watkins et al.
      Pages 207-223
    4. M. Sliwinski, M. Hoffman, A. Biederman, W. Sitkowski, M. Szufladowicz
      Pages 245-246
    5. F. Wellens, G. Van Nooten, J. Goldstein, F. Deuvaert, J. L. Leclerc, G. Primo
      Pages 247-250
    6. E. R. De Vivie, H. Korb, W. Ruschewski
      Pages 261-269
  6. Long-Term Clinical Follow-Up

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 277-277
    2. L. C. D’Alessandro, A. Pucci, P. Mamone, R. Cini
      Pages 279-287
    3. K. V. Arom, D. M. Nicoloff, W. G. Lindsay, W. F. Northrup, T. E. Kersten, R. W. Emery
      Pages 301-309
    4. E. D. Mundth, R. S. Boova, I. P. Goel, A. H. Hakki, F. T. Hopkins, L. Hill et al.
      Pages 311-322
  7. Back Matter
    Pages 329-334

About this book


The papers presented at the Fifth International Symposium on Heart Valves and published in this volume discuss clinical experience with heart valve replacement in pediatric patients, in adults (age 65 and younger), and in the elderly (age 66 and older). Special considerations in heart valve replacement, such as valve selection, reoperation, results of double valve implantation, quality of life, and the use of valved conduits are also included. Finally, long­ term clinical follow-up with the ST. JUDE MEDICAL® heart valve, giving 7- and 8-year data is discussed. HEART VALVE REPLACEMENT IN PEDIATRIC PATIENTS Anticoagulation Anticoagulation in children is a difficult and interesting problem. Three princi­ pal considerations in the use of anticoagulants are patient education, timing, and anticoagulating substance. Additional considerations are patient tolerance and compliance. Generally, the findings indicate, if pediatric patients receive anticoagulation following mechanical valve replacement, it is well accepted and results in few complications. If children are not anticoagulated, complications arise. Conflicting results regarding the efficacy of PERSANTINE® and the use of aspirin vs. COUMADIN® were reported. Doctor Sade's data address some of these questions. * After a 5-year study in * See J Thorac Cardiovasc Surgery 1988; 95:533-561.


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