Atmospheric Microbial Aerosols

Theory and Applications

  • Bruce Lighthart
  • Alan Jeff Mohr

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About this book


A bioaerosol is a colloidal suspension of liquid droplets or solid particles in air whose components contain or have attached to them one or more microorganisms. Bioaerosols are an exciting and vital object of study because the attached microbes play a critical role in human, animal and environmental health. In an era of genetically engineered microorganisms and the application of biopesticides, bioaerosols are increasingly an environmental problem, both indoors and outdoors, and can affect entire ecosystems. Atmospheric Microbial Aerosols examines naturally occuring bioaerosols, as well as bioaerosols generated by human activity. Included in this volume is a complete array of topics concerned with outdoor microbial bioaerosols ranging from the physical and chemical to the meteorological and microbial. It will be of great interest as a starting point for researchers interested in outdoor microbial bioaerosols as well as for those interested in atmospheric dispersion models, new equipment, and government regulations.


ecosystem environment environmental health health microorganism

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