Advances in Molecular Biology and Targeted Treatment for AIDS

  • Ajit Kumar

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-ix
  2. Viral DNA Replication and Integration

    1. John Abbotts, Samuel H. Wilson
      Pages 1-19
    2. Kathryn S. Jones, Joseph Kulkosky, Anna Marie Skalka
      Pages 21-26
    3. George R. Painter, Lois L. Wright, C. Webster Andrews, Nancy Cheng, Sam Hopkins, Phillip A. Furman
      Pages 35-50
    4. Mark T. McNally, George F. Barker, Karen Beemon
      Pages 51-54
    5. Stuart F. J. Le Grice, Oktavian Schatz, Jean-Luc Darlix
      Pages 55-68
  3. Role of Viral Regulatory Genes

    1. Michael F. Laspia, Shobha Gunnery, Mark Kessler, Andrew P. Rice, Michael B. Mathews
      Pages 93-105
    2. Mark J. Selby, B. Matija Peterlin
      Pages 123-131
    3. Colin Dingwall, Ingemar Ernberg, Michael J. Gait, Shaun Heaphy, Jonathan Karn, Michael Skinner
      Pages 133-143
    4. Paul M. Loewenstein, Masaho Ishino, Na’eem Abdullah, Maurice Green
      Pages 151-172
    5. Craig A. Rosen, Alan W. Cochrane, Patrick J. Dillon, Henrik S. Olsen
      Pages 173-181
    6. Xiaobin Lu, Nancy Lewis, David Rekosh, Marie-Louise Hammarskjöld
      Pages 183-188
    7. Sundararajan Venkatesan, Steven M. Holland, Nafees Ahmad, Paul Wingfield, Ratan K. Maitra, H. Clifford Lane
      Pages 189-201
    8. Lee Ratner, Thomas M. J. Niederman, Homer Lozeron, Martin Bryant
      Pages 203-216
    9. Klaus Strebel, Malcolm A. Martin
      Pages 217-223
  4. Envelope Structure

    1. Nathaniel R. Landau, Kathleen A. Page, Dan R. Littman
      Pages 225-233
    2. Paula M. D. Fitzgerald, Brian M. McKeever, Jody F. VanMiddlesworth, James P. Springer
      Pages 245-249
    3. Robert J. Gorelick, Stephen M. Nigida Jr., Larry O. Arthur, Louis E. Henderson, Alan Rein
      Pages 257-272
    4. Michael M. Roberts, Eugene Volker, Terry D. Copeland, Kunio Nagashima, M. Beth Cassell, Carlton J. Briggs et al.
      Pages 273-280
    5. Claude Nicolau, David J. Volsky, Pierre-François Tosi, Youssef Mouneimne, Michael Zeira, Jaime Lazarte et al.
      Pages 281-299
  5. Antivirals and Gene Therapy

    1. Richard A. Morgan, W. French Anderson
      Pages 301-308
    2. J. P. Bader, J. B. McMahon, R. J. Schultz, V. L. Narayanan, J. B. Pierce, W. A. Harrison et al.
      Pages 309-313
    3. Takuma Shirasaka, Kazuhiro Watanabe, Hidetoshi Yoshioka, Eiji Kojima, Shizuko Aoki, Kunichika Murakami et al.
      Pages 323-333
    4. John A. Zaia, Edouard M. Cantin, Pairoj S. Chang, Nava Sarver, John J. Rossi
      Pages 335-343
    5. Alan J. Hay, Setareh Grambas, Michael S. Bennett
      Pages 345-353
  6. Back Matter
    Pages 355-365

About this book


Since the discovery of HIV-l as the etiologic agent of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) in the early 1980s, remarkable progress has been made in both the basic understanding of the biological processes leading to AIDS and an accelerated effort in finding new treatments. As is often the case in rapidly advancing fields, most of the scientific discussions are best handled in specialized groups. The effort to organize a meeting on advances in molecular biology and targeted treatment for AIDS was an experiment of sorts to gather experts in selected areas of overlapping interests where advances in basic biology and its application in the development of new drugs could be discussed. Of necessity, the scope of the meeting had to be limited to maintain a certain focus. Important areas of rapid development in AIDS research, such as the vaccine development, epidemiology, animal models, etc. , had to be left out for more specialized meetings. The result, from all accounts, appeared to be quite a successful gathering, which provided a forum for informal discussions among scientists from industry and academic institutions. A remarkable feature of the AIDS virus is its genetic complexity and how some of its seemingly "extra genes" manage to regulate the normal functions of the host and most importantly its immune system.


AIDS biology development epidemiology genes immune system molecular biology system

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