Genetic Toxicology of Complex Mixtures

  • Michael D. Waters
  • F. Bernard Daniel
  • Joellen Lewtas
  • Martha M. Moore
  • Stephen Nesnow

Part of the Environmental Science Research book series (ESRH, volume 39)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-ix
  2. Development and Application of New Methodologies Applicable to Research on Complex Environmental Mixtures

    1. P. H. M. Lohman, E. W. Vogel, B. Morolli, A. A. v. Zeeland, H. Vrieling
      Pages 1-9
  3. Complex Mixtures of Genotoxicants in Air

    1. Hidetsuru Matsushita, Sumio Goto, Yukihiko Takagi, Osamu Endo, Kiyoshi Tanabe
      Pages 33-56
    2. Roberto Barale, Lucia Migliore, Bettina Cellini, Lucia Francioni, Francesco Giorgelli, Italo Barrai et al.
      Pages 57-71
    3. Larry D. Claxton, T. E. Kleindienst, Erica Perry, Larry T. Cupitt
      Pages 103-111
    4. Lorenzo Tomatis
      Pages 141-147
    5. Marja Sorsa, Harri Vainio, Anthony J. McMichael
      Pages 149-155
    6. Judy L. Mumford, Robert S. Chapman, Stephen Nesnow, C. Tuker Helmes, Xueming Li
      Pages 157-163
    7. Hiroshi Tokiwa, Nobuyuki Sera, Mamiko Kai, Kazumi Horikawa, Yoshinari Ohnishi
      Pages 165-172
  4. Complex Mixtures of Genotoxicants in Waters

    1. J. R. Meier, A. B. DeAngelo, F. B. Daniel, K. M. Schenck, J. U. Doerger, L. W. Chang et al.
      Pages 185-195
    2. Marten A. van der Gaag, Laury Gauthier, Arie Noordsij, Yves Levi, M. Nicoline Wrisberg
      Pages 215-232
  5. Exposure/Effects Assessment

    1. W. K. de Raat, G. J. Vink, A. O. Hanstveit
      Pages 249-269
    2. F. P. Perera, P. Schulte, R. M. Santella, D. Brenner
      Pages 271-290
    3. Regina M. Santella, You Li, Yu Jing Zhang, Tie Lan Young, Marina Stefanidis, Xiao Qing Lu et al.
      Pages 291-301
    4. Paul L. Skipper, Steven R. Tannenbaum
      Pages 323-330
    5. Werner K. Lutz, P. Buss, A. Baertsch, M. Caviezel
      Pages 331-341
    6. D. Krewski, J. Siemiatycki, L. Nadon, R. Dewar, M. Gérin
      Pages 343-352
  6. Back Matter
    Pages 363-375

About this book


Contained in this volume are the proceedings of the international conference on the "Genetic Toxicology of Complex Mixtures," held from July 4-7, 1989, in Washington, DC. This meeting was a satellite of the "Fifth International Conference on Environmental Mutagens" and the seventh in a biennial series of conferences on "Short-term Bioassays in the Analysis of Complex Environmental Mixtures. " Our central objective in calling together key researchers from around the world was to extend our knowledge of the application of the methods of genetic toxicology and analytical chemistry in the evaluation of chemical mixtures as they exist in the environment. This conference emphasized the study of genotoxicants in air and water, and the assessment of human exposure and cancer risk. The latest strategies and methodologies for biomonitoring of genotoxicants (including transformation products) were described in the context of the ambient environment. Source character­ ization and source apportionment were discussed as an aid to understand­ ing the origin and relative contribution of various kinds of complex mix­ tures to the ambient environment. Similarly, investigations of genotoxi­ cants found in the indoor environment (sidestream cigarette smoke) and in drinking water (chlorohydroxyfuranones) were given special attention in terms of their potential health impacts. New molecular techniques were described to enable more precise quantitation of internal dose and dose­ to-target tissues. The emphasis of presentations on exposures/effects assessment was on integrated quantitative evaluation of human exposure and potential health effects.


Furan biomonitoring cancer cancer risk chemistry drinking water environment health effects research toxicology

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