Fluorescent Biomolecules

Methodologies and Applications

  • David M. Jameson
  • Gregory D. Reinhart
Conference proceedings

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-x
  2. Luminescence: General Concepts and Applications to the Study of Solids

  3. Protein Dynamics: Fluorescence Lifetime Distributions

    1. Enrico Gratton, J. Ricardo Alcala, Franklyn G. Prendergast
      Pages 17-32
  4. Enhancement of Time-Resolved Fluorescence Spectroscopy by Overdetermination

    1. Myun K. Han, Dana G. Walbridge, Jay R. Knutson, Paolo Neyroz, Ludwig Brand
      Pages 33-59
  5. Fluorescence Investigations on the Elongation Factor Tu System

    1. David M. Jameson, Theodore L. Hazlett
      Pages 61-86
  6. Effects on Intrinsic Fluorescence Induced by Active Site Modifications of Rhodanese

    1. Alessandro Finazzi Agrò, Nicola Rosato, Rodolfo Berni, Carlo Cannella
      Pages 87-90
  7. Lifetime Measurements of Color Centers by Fluorometry with Synchrotron Radiation

  8. Slab Gel Electrophoresis Performed at High Hydrostatic Pressure: A New Approach for the Study of Oligomeric Proteins

  9. Lipid Transfer Reactions: Fluorescence Studies

    1. William W. Mantulin
      Pages 115-132
  10. Thoughts and Hints on Possible Violation of Parity in the Biological Matter

  11. Digitized Fluorescence Microscopy in Cell Biology Applications

    1. Ken Jacobson, Akira Ishihara, Bruce Holifield, James DiGuiseppi
      Pages 139-149
  12. Membrane Fluidity and Diffusive Transport

    1. Josef Eisinger
      Pages 151-171
  13. Conformational Flexibility of the Polypeptide Hormone Bombesin: Time Resolved and Static Fluorescence Studies

    1. Lanfranco Masotti, Paolo Cavatorta, Arthur G. Szabo, Giorgio Farruggia, Giovanna Sartor
      Pages 173-193
  14. Usefulness of the Linkage Concept to Understanding the Regulation of Rat Liver Phosphofructokinase

  15. Fluorescence Studies of the Calcium-Dependent Functions of Calmodulin

    1. Sonia R. Anderson, Dean A. Malencik
      Pages 217-245
  16. Definition of Monoclonal Antibody-Fluorescent Ligand Interactions

  17. Intramolecular Excitation Energy Transfer in Bichrohophoric Molecules — Fundamental Aspects and Applications

  18. Resolution at 2 GHz of Lifetimes and Correlation Times of Highly Purified Solutions of Human Hemoglobin

    1. Enrico Bucci, Henryk Malak, Clara Fronticelli, Ignacy Gryczynski, Joseph R. Lakowicz
      Pages 305-318
  19. Time-Resolved Fluorescence Studies on Flavins

    1. Antonie Visser
      Pages 319-341
  20. Final Words at Bocca di Magra

    1. Gregorio Weber
      Pages 343-349
  21. Abstracts from Poster Contributions

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 351-351
    2. A. Hermetter, B. Rainer, G. Schwabe, A. Roscher, F. Paltauf
      Pages 357-359
    3. M. Han, M. VandeVen, D. Walbridge, J. Knutson, R. Lessick, C. Anfinsen et al.
      Pages 360-360
    4. J. N. Herron, D. M. Jameson, D. M. Kranz, E. W. Voss Jr.
      Pages 364-364
    5. R. Kraayenhof, G. J. Sterk, H. S. van Walraven, F. A. de Wolf, K. Krab, H. W. Wong Fong Sang
      Pages 365-368
    6. Paolo Neyroz, Bonnie Bassler, Ludwig Brand, Saul Roseman
      Pages 369-373
    7. Parkson Lee-Gau Chong, L. Bar, Y. Barenholz, T. E. Thompson
      Pages 374-374
    8. Richard B. Thompson, Enrico Gratton
      Pages 375-377
    9. P. Cavatorta, L. Masotti, A. G. Szabo, P. Riccio, E. Quagliariello
      Pages 383-388
    10. Peter Bayley, Stephen Martin
      Pages 389-392
    11. A. Arcioni, F. Bertinelli, R. Tarroni, C. Zannoni
      Pages 393-396
    12. Jacques Gallay, Michel Vincent, Claude Nicot, Marcel Waks
      Pages 397-400
    13. N. Rosato, A. Finazzi Agro, E. Gratton, S. Stefanini, E. Chiancone
      Pages 411-413
    14. G. E. Martorana, E. Meucci, G. A. D. Miggiano, A. Mordente, S. A. Santini, A. Castelli
      Pages 414-418
    15. Jorge E. Churchich, John A. Cidlowski
      Pages 419-422
    16. Richard B. Thompson, Anne W. Kusterbeck
      Pages 426-429
    17. C. Royer, B. Alpert
      Pages 429-429
    18. M. Ameloot, H. De Smedt, H. Hendrickx
      Pages 430-432
    19. A. Arduini, J. Dejulia, V. Damonti, G. Mancinelli, A. Di Bartolomeo, M. Belfiglio et al.
      Pages 433-434
    20. N. Cittanova, B. Desfosses, K. M. Rajkowski, N. Christeff
      Pages 434-434
    21. Tze-Chi Jao, Kenneth L. Kreuz
      Pages 435-436
    22. C. Royer, J.-C. Brochon, P. Taue, G. Hervé
      Pages 436-436

About these proceedings


This volume is based on an international symposium held during September 9-12, 1986 in Bocca di Magra, Italy. The intent of the organizers was to bring together expert practitioners of fluorescence spectroscopy, particularly as applied to biological systems, to assess recent developments in the field and discuss future directions. At the same time the meeting was intended to honor the singular and outstanding scientific career of Gregorio Weber on the occasion of his seventieth birthday. Gregorio Weber is truly the pioneer in the application of fluores­ cence methods to biochemistry and biophysics. A complete list of his scientific contributions to fluorescence and to protein biochemistry is beyond the scope of this preface. Suffice it to say that since his initial landmark articles on fluorescence, published in the late 1940's and early 1950's, Gregorio Weber has continued to make seminal contribu­ tions to both the theory and practice of fluorescence and, contrary to many who might be tempted to rest on their laurels, he shows no signs of slackening his pace. In addition to his more obvious tangible contributions to the scientific field, Gregorio Weber has made equally valuable contributions of another type. Specifically, he has had the most profound impact, both profeSSionally and personally, on generations of young scientists.


Calcium Lipid Polypeptide Protein biochemistry regulation transport

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