Psychosomatic Medicine

Past and Future

  • George N. Christodoulou

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xv
  2. Holistic Concepts of Illness in Ancient Greece and in Contemporary Medicine

  3. The Semantics of Whole-Person Care

    1. Margaret J. Christie
      Pages 7-13
  4. Doctor-Patient Relationship

    1. O. Gardikas
      Pages 15-20
  5. “Emotions” and Difficulties in Teaching and Communication

  6. The Mind-Body Problem

  7. Historical Aspects

  8. Psychosomatics and Medical History

  9. Papers on General Topics

    1. G. C. Lyketsos, C. G. Lyketsos
      Pages 65-72
    2. P. Tienari, A. Sorri, I. Lahti, M. Naarala, J. Moring, T. Rönkkö et al.
      Pages 73-79
  10. Psychosomatic Approach and Health Services

  11. General Hospital Psychiatry

  12. Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry

    1. Robert Clacey, Chris Thomas, Henry Pearson
      Pages 159-166
    2. P. Tienari, M. Naarala, H. Hiltunen
      Pages 167-172
  13. Epidemiology

    1. N. Paritsis, D. Pallis, J. Vlachonicolis, C. Phylactou, D. Deligeorgis
      Pages 179-182
  14. Stress

    1. Manolis Kogevinas, Klea Katsouyanni, Anastasia Tzonou, Xenophon Zavitsianos, Dimitrios Trichopoulos
      Pages 183-188
    2. W. S. de Loos, B. Bonus, W. De Jong, D. De Wied
      Pages 189-195
    3. S. Gandini, A. Cambi, S. Giaconi, M. Pellegrini, S. Tonelli
      Pages 197-201
    4. James Georgas, Eliza Giakoumaki, Thalia Dragonas
      Pages 203-208
  15. Psychoendocrinology

    1. H. A. P. C. Oomen
      Pages 209-215
    2. B. Strauss, H. Appelt, S. Quitmann, D. Ulrich, H. G. Bonnet
      Pages 217-224
    3. L. Galeazzi, C. Scarpellini, G. Pagani, G. Tentorio, A. Cortinovis, M. Montini
      Pages 225-233
  16. Pain

  17. Alexithymia

    1. G. Trikkas, A. D. Rabavilas, G. N. Christodoulou
      Pages 261-264
  18. Somatization

    1. Carl Severin Albretsen
      Pages 265-268
  19. Muscular Pattern

    1. Marit Østbye Sundsvold, Svein Friis, Per Vaglum
      Pages 269-273
  20. Anorexia — Bulimia

    1. J. D. Bergiannaki, C. R. Soldatos, P. N. Sakkas, C. Christodoulou, S. Pitoulis, G. Tolis
      Pages 275-281
    2. Bridget M. Dolan, J. Hubert Lacey
      Pages 283-288
  21. Hypertension

  22. Diabetes

    1. G. Trikkas, M. Benroumbi, P. Vareli, G. N. Christodoulou
      Pages 299-306

About these proceedings


This book contains selected contributions to the 16th European Conference on Psychosomatic Research, held in Athens from September 6 to 11, 1986. The ~t of psychosomatic medicine was one of the two basic topics of the meeting. We thought that, since this topic has a touch of history in it, it would be appropriate for a conference held in Greece. It is really amazing how advanced the psychosomatic conceptions of the ancient Greek philosophers and physicians were. It was the basic psychosomatic ideology that Socrates was expressing when he taught: "S"lOTT!::P O


a longitudinal psychosomatic study behaviour pattern current psychosomatic research doctor-patient relationship epidemiological study formative agents health services medical history microprolactinomas neurotic patients psychosomatic illness psychosomatic issues psychosomatic research somatic illness the bulimic obese: treatment response

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