Coherence and Energy Transfer in Glasses

  • Paul A. Fleury
  • Brage Golding

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiv
  2. Glasses: Statics and Dynamics

    1. Adrian C. Wright, B. Golding, W. A. Phillips, D. Weaire
      Pages 1-44
    2. E. A. Davis, B. Golding, W. A. Phillips, A. R. Long
      Pages 45-67
  3. Low Energy Excitations

    1. M. v. Schickfus, W. A. Phillips, B. Golding, H. v. Lohneysen, D. Weaire
      Pages 69-94
    2. J. Joffrin, B. Golding
      Pages 95-124
  4. Optical Energy Transfer

    1. D. L. Huber, J. Ryan, J. Hegarty, P. A. Fleury
      Pages 125-144
    2. W. M. Yen, J. Ryan, J. Hegarty, A. C. Wright
      Pages 145-170
  5. Coherent Optical Processes

    1. Richard G. Brewer, J. Hegarty, J. Ryan, Ralph G. DeVoe
      Pages 171-188
    2. R. M. Macfarlane, J. Hegarty, J. Ryan, R. M. Shelby
      Pages 189-199
  6. Optical Devices and Media

  7. Chalcogenide Semiconductors

    1. A. E. Owen, M. L. Theye, J. Orenstein
      Pages 243-279
    2. P. C. Taylor, M. L. Theye, J. Orenstein, S. R. Elliott, B. Golding, D. L. Fox
      Pages 281-320
  8. Defects in Amorphous Semiconductors

    1. J. C. Knights, J. Orenstein, M. L. Theye
      Pages 321-336
    2. B. C. Cavenett, S. P. Depinna, J. Orenstein, M. L. Theye
      Pages 337-360
  9. Localization Phenomena

    1. D. Weaire, J. H. Davies, D. L. Huber
      Pages 361-372
    2. H. M. Gibbs, S. Chu, S. L. McCall, A. Passner, J. H. Davies, D. L. Huber
      Pages 373-407
  10. Back Matter
    Pages 409-419

About this book


In recent years the physics of disordered systems has been one of the most active and fruitful areas of research in condensed matter science. In contrast to the considerable attention paid by conferences, schools and workshops to the static and structural aspects of glasses, there has been no forum devoted primarily to the dynamic and energetic aspects of amorphous solids. The NATO Workshop on Coherence and Energy Transfer in Glasses was organized to address this deficiency. The intent was to bring together in an intense and interactive environment, experts in several rather disparate subfields relating to the dynamics and energetics of disordered systems. This volume represents the Proceedings of that Workshop, which took place in September 1982 at Clare College of Cambridge University. Forty-three scientists from eight NATO countries participated. These included representatives from universities and industrial laboratories, as well as government research institutions. The meeting was organized into eight formal sessions and one informal session devoted entirely to unstructured discussion. Each formal session featured two comprehensive lectures. An additional 60 to 90 minutes was devoted in each session to discussions and contributions related to the lectures. Since only about 60% of the session time was devoted to formal presentations, the discussions formed an equally important part of the workshop. The chairmen and discussion leaders - as well as the workshop participants themselves - brought forth lively and illuminating discussions for each session.


condensed matter disordered system dynamics electron energy experiment glass laser physics semiconductor spectroscopy stability

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