Genetic Control of Environmental Pollutants

  • Gilbert S. Omenn
  • Alexander Hollaender
  • A. M. Chakrabarty
  • Morris Levin
  • Eugene Nester
  • Gordon H. Orians
  • Claire M. Wilson

Part of the Basic Life Sciences book series (BLSC, volume 28)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-x
  2. Welcome and Introduction

    1. Gilbert S. Omenn
      Pages 1-2
  3. Environmental Toxicants

    1. J. S. Karns, J. J. Kilbane, D. K. Chatterjee, A. M. Chakrabarty
      Pages 3-21
    2. Simon Silver, Tapan K. Misra
      Pages 23-46
    3. A. M. Chakrabarty, Gilbert S. Omenn, Simon Silver, Andrew Weightman
      Pages 81-90
  4. Engineering Organisms to Survive

    1. Morris Levin, Mark Segal
      Pages 91-95
    2. A. C. Middleton
      Pages 137-149
    3. Martin Alexander
      Pages 151-168
    4. A. M. Chakrabarty, Rita Colwell, Gordon H. Orians, James A. Shapiro, James Staley, Andrew Weightman
      Pages 169-186
  5. Enviromental Waste Streams

    1. J. A. Shapiro, D. J. Owen, M. Kok, G. Eggink
      Pages 229-238
    2. Ross D. Brown Jr., Mikelina Gritzali
      Pages 239-265
    3. Ross D. Brown Jr., Joel S. Hirschhorn, Hester A. Kobayashi, Joseph L. McCarthy, James W. Patterson, Bruce E. Rittmann et al.
      Pages 267-273
  6. Diverse Capabilities of Microorganisms

    1. Leroy E. Hood
      Pages 301-317
    2. Mary E. Lidstrom, Ann E. Wopat, David N. Nunn, Aresa E. Toukdarian
      Pages 319-330
    3. R. B. Grubbs, Anne Kopecky, N. Lawrence Ricker, Kyosti Sarkanen, Stanley A. Sojka, Burke K. Zimmerman
      Pages 331-349
    4. Martin Alexander, Rita R. Colwell, R. B. Grubbs, Richard McGinity, Robert O. Mendelsohn, Gilbert S. Omenn et al.
      Pages 351-367
  7. Posters

    1. Clyde McNamee, Richard Wattam, Jeannette Flickinger, David Stewart, Don R. Durham
      Pages 370-370
    2. Layne M. Johnson, Jeffrey M. Thomas
      Pages 372-372
    3. John J. Kilbane, A. M. Chakrabarty
      Pages 373-373
    4. John C. Loper, Jerry B. Lingrel, Vernon F. Kalb, Thomas R. Sutter
      Pages 375-375
    5. Curtis J. Omiecinski, Edward Bresnick
      Pages 376-376
    6. Ralph G. Stahl Jr., E. M. Davis, F. E. Arrighi, T. S. Matney, J. G. Liehr
      Pages 377-377
    7. Stuart E. Strand, J. Dykes, V. Chiang
      Pages 378-378
    8. Gerald W. Strandberg, T. L. Donaldson, G. S. Shields, J. D. Hewitt
      Pages 379-379
    9. Mary-Paz Weisshaar, M. Bagdasarian, W. Reineke, F. C. H. Franklin
      Pages 380-380
    10. Gilbert S. Omenn
      Pages 385-386
  8. Back Matter
    Pages 387-408

About this book


Gilbert S. Omenn Dean, Public Health and Community Medicine University of Washington Seattle, Washington 98195 On behalf of the University of Washington, the City of Seattle, the sponsors and donors, and my co-organizers, I am delighted to welcome all of you to this Conference on Genetic Control of Environ­ mental Pollutants. My only regret is that Dr. Alexander Hollaender, who has inspired so many of us as young scientists and stimulated so many trail-blazing conferences in environmental sciences and in gen­ etic engineering, is ill and was unable to make the trip to Seattle. He sends his warm good wishes for an outstanding meeting and a fine volume. The purpose of this Conference is to identify and assess strat­ egies for more effectively and safely managing wastes and toxic sub­ stances in the environment, in part through use of genetically engi­ neered microorganisms. There is a sense of desperation in our soci­ ety that modern technologies have introduced a bewildering array of potential hazards to human health and to our environment. There is an accompanying sense of frustration that our prodigious basic re­ search capabilities and our technological ingenuity have not yielded practical ways to control many pollutants and waste streams, or-­ better still--to convert them to useful products.


cellulose cloning genetic engineering heavy metals

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  • Alexander Hollaender
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  • A. M. Chakrabarty
  • Morris Levin
  • Eugene Nester
  • Gordon H. Orians
  • Claire M. Wilson
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