Psychiatry the State of the Art

Volume 4 Psychotherapy and Psychosomatic Medicine

  • P. Pichot
  • P. Berner
  • R. Wolf
  • K. Thau

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xix
  2. Psychotherapy

    1. New Paradigms in Psychotherapy

    2. Short-Term Psychotherapies

      1. Jirina Knobloch
        Pages 45-48
      2. Raoul Schindler
        Pages 49-53
      3. Leslie Solyom
        Pages 55-58
      4. George A. Vassiliou, Vasso G. Vassiliou
        Pages 59-63
    3. Non-Verbal Aspects and Techniques of Psychiatry

    4. Initiating and Developing the Process of Family Therapy

    5. Psychotherapy of Depression

    6. Comprehensive Management of Mood and Emotion

      1. Cornelis B. Bakker, Marianne K. Bakker-Rabdau
        Pages 113-118
      2. David A. Spiegel, Marianne K. Bakker-Rabdau, Cornelis B. Bakker
        Pages 119-124
      3. Marianne K. Bakker-Rabdau, Cornelis B. Bakker
        Pages 125-130
      4. Robert C. Smolen, Marianne K. Bakker-Rabdau, David A. Spiegel, Cornelis B. Bakker
        Pages 135-140
    7. Psychotherapy for the Developing World

      1. A. Venkoba Rao
        Pages 141-146
      2. Ari Kiev
        Pages 147-151
      3. L. D. Hankoff
        Pages 153-158
      4. B. B. Sethi, P. K. Chaturvedi
        Pages 167-175
    8. Psychoanalytic Hospital Treatment

    9. Group Psychotherapy in Psychiatry

    10. Group Psychotherapy and the Educational Process

    11. New Developments in Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

      1. Thomas R. Insel, Edward A. Mueller
        Pages 259-263
    12. Overview and Current Research in Relaxation and Imaging Techniques: Some Current Applications of These Techniques in the Practice of Psychiatry

      1. David Shapiro, Ann Dee Futterman, Joe Yamamoto
        Pages 271-279
      2. Sheldon H. Kardener
        Pages 281-286
    13. Neurolinguistic Programming

About this book


The purpose of the World Psychiatric Association is to coordinate the activities of its Member Societies on a wor1d-~ide scale and to advance enquiry into the etiology, pathology, and treatment of mental illness. To further this purpose, the Association organizes mono- or mu1tithematic Regional Symposia in different parts of the world twice a year, and World Congresses dealing with all individual fields of psychiatry once every five or six years. Between these meetings the continuation of the Association's scientific work is assured through the activities of its specialty sections, each covering an important field of psychiatry. The programs of the World Congresses reflect on the one hand the intention to present the coordinating functions of the Association and on the other to open a broad platform for a free exchange of views. Thus, the VII World Congress of Psychiatry, held in Vienna from July 11 to 16, 1983, was composed of two types of scientific events - those structured by the Association and those left to the initiative of the participants. The first type comprised Plenary Sessions, planned by the Scientific Program Committee, and Section Symposia, organized by the WPA sections; the second embraced Free Symposia, free papers, video sessions, and poster presentations prepared by the participants. Altogether, 10 Plenary Sessions, 52 Section Symposia, and 105 Free Symposia took place, and 78 free papers and poster sessions and 10 video sessions were held.


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