Structure and Function of Plant Genomes

  • Orio Ciferri
  • Leon DureIII

Part of the NATO Advanced Science Institutes Series book series (NSSA, volume 63)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiii
  2. Organization and Expression of the Nuclear Genome

    1. Klaus Hahlbrock, Alain M. Boudet, Joe Chappell, Fritz Kreuzaler, David N. Kuhn, H. Ragg
      Pages 15-23
    2. Joe L. Key, C. Y. Lin, E. Ceglarz, F. Schöffl
      Pages 25-36
    3. Robert B. Goldberg, Robert L. Fischer, John J. Harada, Diane Jofuku, Jack K. Okamuro
      Pages 37-45
    4. Gloria Coruzzi, Richard Broglie, Gayle Lamppa, Nam-Hai Chua
      Pages 47-59
    5. N. Fedoroff, D. Chaleff, U. Courage-Tebbe, H.-P. Döring, M. Geiser, P. Starlinger et al.
      Pages 61-72
  3. Molecular Biology of Plant Storage Proteins

    1. B. A. Larkins, K. Pedersen, M. D. Marks, D. R. Wilson, P. Argos
      Pages 73-83
    2. B. J. Miflin, S. Rahman, M. Kreis, B. G. Forde, L. Blanco, P. R. Shewry
      Pages 85-92
    3. T. J. V. Higgins, P. M. Chandler, D. Spencer, M. J. Chrispeels, G. Zurawski
      Pages 93-99
    4. R. N. Beachy, J. J. Doyle, B. F. Ladin, M. A. Schuler
      Pages 101-112
    5. Leon Dure III, Caryl Chlan, Glenn A. Galau
      Pages 113-121
  4. Organization and Expression of the Chloroplast Genome

    1. R. G. Herrmann, P. Westhoff, J. Alt, P. Winter, J. Tittgen, C. Bisanz et al.
      Pages 143-153
    2. Richard B. Hallick, Bruce M. Greenberg, Wilhelm Gruissem, Margaret J. Hollingsworth, Gerald D. Karabin, Jonathon O. Narita et al.
      Pages 155-166
    3. J. H. Weil, M. Mubumbila, M. Kuntz, M. Keller, E. J. Crouse, G. Burkard et al.
      Pages 167-180
    4. Marvin Edelman, Jonathan B. Marder, Autar K. Mattoo
      Pages 187-192
    5. Orio Ciferri, Orsola Tiboni, Giuseppe Di Pasquale
      Pages 199-204
    6. J.-D. Rochaix, M. Dron, M. Rahire, J.-M. Boissel, J. van Dillewijn
      Pages 205-212
  5. Molecular Biology of Nitrogen Fixation

    1. Winston J. Brill
      Pages 231-237
    2. M. J. Merrick, A. Alvarez-Morales, J. Clements, R. Dixon, M. Drummond
      Pages 239-246
    3. A. Kondorosi, Z. Banfalvi, W. J. Broughton, T. Forrai, G. B. Kiss, E. Kondorosi et al.
      Pages 247-252
    4. A. B. Legocki, A. Konieczny, C. Madrzak, P. Stróżycki, A. Wolánski, R. Kierzek
      Pages 263-267
    5. D. P. S. Verma, F. Fuller, J. Lee, P. Künstner, N. Brisson, T. Nguyen
      Pages 269-283
    6. Robert Haselkorn, Steven J. Robinson, Douglas Rice
      Pages 285-292
  6. Molecular Biology of Host-Pathogen Interactions

    1. Peter Albersheim, Alan G. Darvill, Michael McNeil, Barbara S. Valent, Janice K. Sharp, Eugene A. Nothnagel et al.
      Pages 293-312
    2. Chris Lamb, John Bell, Paul Norman, Mike Lawton, Richard Dixon, Pat Rowell et al.
      Pages 313-327
  7. Organization and Expression of the Mitochondrial Genome

    1. C. J. Leaver, L. K. Dixon, E. Hack, T. D. Fox, A. J. Dawson
      Pages 347-361
    2. C. S. Levings III, R. R. Sederoff, W. W. L. Hu, D. H. Timothy
      Pages 363-371
    3. Michael W. Gray, Tai Y. Huh, Murray N. Schnare, David F. Spencer, Denis Falconet
      Pages 373-380
    4. S. Litvak, L. Keclard-Christophe, M. Echeverria, M. Castroviejo
      Pages 381-385
  8. Genetic Manipulation of Higher Plants

    1. F. A. Krens, G. J. Wullems, R. A. Schilperoort
      Pages 387-408
    2. Mary-Dell Chilton, Annick De Framond, Michael Byrne, Rob Fraley, W. Scott Chilton, Lucille Fenning et al.
      Pages 409-418
    3. Tom Guilfoyle, Neil Olszewski, Gretchen Hagen
      Pages 419-425
  9. Molecular Biology of Plant Viruses

    1. Lous van Vloten-Doting, John F. Bol, Annette Nassuth, Jan Roosien, Alberto N. Sarachu
      Pages 437-449
    2. H. Guilley, R. K. Dudley, G. Jonard, E. Balazs, K. Richards
      Pages 451-462
  10. Special Topics

  11. Back Matter
    Pages 493-495

About this book


This volume contains the presentations of the principal speakers at the NATO Advanced Study Institute held at Porto Portese, Italy,23 August - 2 September, 1982. This meeting was the third in a series devoted to the molecular biology of plants. The initial meeting was held in Strasbourg, France in 1976 (J. Weil and L. Bogorad, organizers), and the second in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1979 (C. Leaver, organizer). As in these previous meetings, we have attempted to cover the major topics of plant molecular biology so as to promote the integration of information emerging at an accelerating rate from the various sub-disciplines of the field. In addition, we have introduced several topics, unique to higher plants, that have not yet been approached with the tools of molec­ ular biology, but that should present new and important aspects of plants amenable to study in terms of DNA -+ RNA -+ Protein. This meeting also served to inaugerate the new International Society for Plant Molecular Biology. The need for this society is, like the NATO meetings themselves, an indication of the growth, vitalitv and momentum of this field of research.


DNA RNA biology cell gene gene expression genetics genome growth molecular biology protein research virus

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  • Orio Ciferri
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  • Leon DureIII
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  1. 1.Department of Genetics and MicrobiologyUniversity of PaviaPaviaItaly
  2. 2.University of GeorgiaAthensUSA

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