Contemporary Geriatric Medicine

Volume 1

  • Steven R. Gambert

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxiv
  2. Edmund H. Duthie Jr., Michael H. Keelan Jr.
    Pages 1-44
  3. Donald A. Mahler
    Pages 45-85
  4. Thomas W. Sheehy
    Pages 87-153
  5. Marc L. Miller, Fred G. Kantrowitz, Edward W. Campion
    Pages 155-201
  6. Stephen C. Jacobs, Joseph B. Murphy
    Pages 203-242
  7. Uriel S. Barzel, Steven R. Gambert, Panayiotis D. Tsitouras
    Pages 243-297
  8. Gabe J. Maletta
    Pages 299-337
  9. Cornelius J. Foley, Rein Tideiksaar
    Pages 339-370
  10. Ronald D. Adelman, Michele G. Greene, Michael M. Stewart
    Pages 371-396
  11. Back Matter
    Pages 397-412

About this book


This volume marks the first of a new series, Contemporary Geriatric Medicine, joining the ever growing "Contemporary" family. As with the other "Contem­ porary" volumes, our goal is to assist the reader in maintaining currency in a rapidly changing field. Perhaps no field has shown such major advances in such a short time as geriatrics. Over the last several years, the "demographic impera­ tive" has become a source of concern for many, including clinicians, scientists, econ­ omists, and health planners. Our geriatric knowledge base continues to grow, often making it difficult to keep abreast of advances and current therapeutic modalities. Contemporary Ger­ iatric Medicine presents the state-of-the-art thinking regarding a variety of topics all of major concern to the health practitioner caring for the elderly person. The authors, for the most part serving as members of a stable editorial board, have chosen topics that should have immediate interest to the readership. By having a stable editorial board, continuity is ensured in successive volumes. Every two years, a subsequent issue will either address new thoughts on already presented topics or focus on new topics of current interest. As with the other "Contempo­ rary" series volumes, the every other year interval is intended to allow new find­ ings to develop and be tested. It also provides the authors with time to provide the highest quality of work.


Alzheimer´s disease aging assessment cancer dementia depression geriatrics infections medicine nutrition prevention quality rehabilitation sex thinking

Editors and affiliations

  • Steven R. Gambert
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  1. 1.Section of Geriatrics and Gerontology, Department of MedicineThe Medical College of WisconsinMilwaukeeUSA
  2. 2.Long-Term Care Gerontology CenterMilwaukeeUSA
  3. 3.Geriatrics Section, Medical ServiceWood Veterans Administration Medical CenterWood (Milwaukee)USA

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