Psychosomatic Medicine

Theoretical, Clinical, and Transcultural Aspects

  • Adam J. Krakowski
  • Chase Patterson Kimball

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xvi
  2. Theory and Research

    1. Front Matter
      Pages xvii-xvii
    2. Chase Patterson Kimball
      Pages 1-5
    3. H. Merskey
      Pages 7-15
    4. Kenneth Doody, Graeme Taylor
      Pages 17-24
    5. William G. Reese, Joseph E. O. Newton, Charles Angel
      Pages 25-31
    6. G. Peterfy, B. Dubrovsky, M. Dongier
      Pages 33-38
    7. David L. Keegan, Tana Dineen, Carol Shipley, Mary Steiger
      Pages 39-54
    8. F. Engelsmann, J. Ananth, A. M. Ghadirian, R. A. Ramsay, A. J. Krakowski
      Pages 55-67
    9. Adam J. Krakowski, Z. Rydzynski, M. Jarosz, F. Engelsmann
      Pages 69-78
    10. Harold Levitan
      Pages 79-85
    11. J. Montplaisir, J. Monday. J. Walsh, J. L. Malo
      Pages 87-92
    12. A. H. Crisp, M. Queenan, M. F. D’Souza
      Pages 93-101
    13. P. Tienari, J. Outakoski, A. Juolasmaa, R. Hirvenoja
      Pages 113-118
    14. W. L. Weeda-Mannak
      Pages 119-124
    15. Ross S. Kalucy
      Pages 125-141
    16. Suzanne Dongier, Mounir Samy
      Pages 143-159
    17. Samuel A. Corson, Elizabeth O’Leary Corson, Robert M. Andrysco
      Pages 171-187
    18. Samuel A. Corson, Elizabeth O’Leary Corson
      Pages 189-199
    19. Tetsuya Nakagawa, Yoshihide Nakai, Tomoko Araki
      Pages 201-214
    20. Maurice Greenberg
      Pages 227-233
    21. G. Foresti, M. Ferraro, C. Berlanda, P. Reithaar, M. Volpi, D. Drago et al.
      Pages 235-244
    22. Diana Riley
      Pages 245-251
    23. Brent A. Vulcano, Gordon E. Barnes, Lawrence J. Breen
      Pages 277-293
    24. Christine Lindström, Ulla Qvarnström
      Pages 295-303
    25. J. M. Kellett
      Pages 305-314
    26. K. S. O’Sullivan, J. G. Cooney, M. Daly, A. Clare
      Pages 315-322
  3. Sociocultural and Transcultural Aspects

  4. “The French Papers”

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 427-427
    2. Pierre Marty
      Pages 429-437
    3. Christophe Dejours
      Pages 439-446
    4. J. Guyotat, M. Audras de la Bastie
      Pages 453-459
    5. Jacqueline Loriod
      Pages 469-474

About this book


It is our pleasure to introduce to the readers of Advances in Psychosomatic Medicine: I, the authors of 88 papers presented at the VIth World Congress of the International College of Psychosomatic Medicine in Montreal, September 13-18, 1981. These papers are re­ presentative of more than 700 presentations and discussions that occurred in the course of lectures, symposia, panels and workshops. Adam J. Krakowski, M.D., primary editor of this volume, together with Chase P. Kimball, M.D., GUnsel Koptagel-Ila1, M.D. and Hellmuth Freyberger, M.D. are responsible for the solicitation and final editing of the papers included in this volume. Most of the plenary papers presented at the Congress and subsequently received for pub­ lication are in preparation for a volume to be issued by S. Karger, Basel, Switzerland, as a special number edited by us with the assistance of Drs. Freyberger and Koptagel-Ilal. The papers in­ cluded in this volume represent the main substance of the Congress. The editors regret that a number of presentations were either re­ ceived too late or in insufficient form to allow for publication at this time. A number of other papers presented at the Congress have been released for publication in the Journal of Psychosomatic Re­ search, the Psychiatric Journal of the University of Ottawa, General Hospital Psychiatry, Psychosomatics and other journals.


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Editors and affiliations

  • Adam J. Krakowski
    • 1
  • Chase Patterson Kimball
    • 2
  1. 1.Psychosomatic Service and Research, Champlain Valley PhysiciansHospital Medical CenterPlattsburghUSA
  2. 2.Department of Psychiatry, Pritzker School of MedicineThe University of ChicagoChicagoUSA

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