Polymer Alloys III

Blends, Blocks, Grafts, and Interpenetrating Networks

  • Daniel Klempner
  • Kurt C. Frisch

Part of the Polymer Science and Technology book series (PST, volume 20)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-ix
  2. Maurice Morton, N. K. Agarwal, M. Cizmecioglu
    Pages 1-18
  3. V. D. Yenalyev, V. I. Melnichenko, O. P. Boukunenko, A. N. Shelest, N. M. Tchalaya, Y. I. Yegorova et al.
    Pages 19-25
  4. V. V. Abramov, V. D. Yenalyev, M. S. Akutin, N. M. Tchalaya, V. I. Melnichenko, A. N. Shelest
    Pages 27-30
  5. V. D. Yenalyev, N. A. Noskova, V. I. Melnichenko, O. P. Bovkunenko, V. M. Bulatova
    Pages 39-44
  6. R. P. Kusy, W. F. Simmons
    Pages 71-89
  7. L. H. Sperling, J. M. Widmaier, J. K. Yeo, J. Michel
    Pages 191-218
  8. R. Pernice, K. C. Frisch, R. Navare
    Pages 219-231
  9. C. R. Desper, N. S. Schneider
    Pages 233-251
  10. Christel Schneider, Joachim Wolff
    Pages 253-265
  11. R. H. Liang, S. Chung, A. Clayton, S. Di Stefano, K. Oda, S. D. Hong et al.
    Pages 267-278
  12. T. L. Ward, O. Hinojosa, R. R. Benerito
    Pages 279-297
  13. Back Matter
    Pages 299-302

About this book


On this, the dawning of a new age in high technology, man is seeking answers to increasingly complex problems. We are routinely launching reusable vehicles into space, designing and building computers with seemingly limitless powers, and developing sophisticated communications systems using laser technology, fiber optics, holography, etc., all of which require new and advanced materials. Polymer alloys continue to provide new solutions to the materials problems, and remain an area of ever increasing research. Polymer alloys are mu1ticomponent macromolecular systems. The components may be all on the same chain (as in block co­ polymers), on side chains (as in graft copolymers), or in different molecules (as in po1yb1ends and interpenetrating polymer networks). The variety of morphologies possible and the synergistic effects on ultimate properties continue to stimulate research on new polymer alloys. More and more studies on synthesis of new alloys, the kinetics and mecha­ nisms of their formation, and their characterization, are taking place, as well as studies on their processing and applications. This book presents the proceedings of the Symposium on Polymer Alloys, sponsored by the American Chemical Society's Division of OrganiC Coatings and Plastics Chemistry held at the 182nd meeting of the American Chemical Society in New York, in August, 1981. The most recent efforts of scientists and engineers from allover the world in this increasingly important field are presented in the following pages.


Copolymer Polymethylmethacrylat Polyurethan advanced materials chemistry kinetics molecule optics plastics polymer polymer alloy polymerization rheology rubber society

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