Preparation of Nuclear Targets for Particle Accelerators

  • Jozef Jaklovsky

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-x
  2. Carbon Stripper Foils

    1. R. L. Auble, D. M. Galbraith
      Pages 1-11
    2. J. L. Gallant, D. Yaraskavitch, N. Burn, A. B. McDonald, H. R. Andrews
      Pages 17-28
    3. P. K. Den Hartog, J. L. Yntema, G. E. Thomas, W. Henning
      Pages 29-36
    4. P. Maier-Komor, E. Ranzinger
      Pages 47-58
    5. John O. Stoner Jr., Stanley Bashkin
      Pages 59-60
    6. John O. Stoner Jr., Stanley Bashkin, G. Thomas, J. L. Yntema, P. Den Hartog
      Pages 61-63
  3. Special Target Preparation Methods

    1. J. Van Audenhove
      Pages 89-94
    2. A. H. Bennink, T. W. Tuintjer
      Pages 95-100
    3. W. Cole, G. W. Grime
      Pages 109-115
    4. J. Van Gestel, J. Pauwels, J. Van Audenhove
      Pages 117-124
    5. Frank J. Karasek
      Pages 125-126
    6. E. H. Kobisk, T. C. Quinby, W. S. Aaron
      Pages 127-141
    7. William R. Lozowski, Tina M. Rife
      Pages 143-149
    8. Karl W. Scheu, Thomas Gee
      Pages 159-167
  4. General Target Preparation Methods

    1. Sun Shu-hua, Su Shih-chun, Chen Qing-wang, Guan Sheu-ren, Xu Guo-ji
      Pages 197-204
    2. M. Weishaar, A. Meens, M. A. Saettel
      Pages 205-205
  5. Other Topics Related to Target

    1. J. H. Bjerregaard, P. Knudsen, G. Sletten
      Pages 207-212
    2. J. L. Gallant
      Pages 213-216
    3. Steve Kendall, John L. Need, Robert MacKay, Jozef Jaklovsky
      Pages 217-222
    4. Lester S. Skaggs, Franca T. Kuchnir, Frank M. Waterman, Helmut Forsthoff
      Pages 249-268
    5. L. R. Smith, J. Cameron, M. Nappi
      Pages 269-276
    6. G. E. Thomas, S. K. Lam, R. W. Nielsen
      Pages 277-286
  6. Back Matter
    Pages 287-289

About this book


This book contains th~ Proceedings of the World Conference of the International Nuclear Target Development Society held in Boston, October 1-3, 1979. Approximately seventy participants and registrants from the following countries attended this Conference: Belgium, Canada, Denmark, United Kingdom, German Federal Republic, Israel, Japan, The Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, and the United States. The Conference was sponsored by the New England Nuclear Corporation. Conference Chairman in residence was Jozef Jaklovsky who was assisted by the invited Co-Chairman D. Riel of the State University of New York at Stony Brook. This publication incorporates the proceedings of an inter­ national conference concentrating on the general field of target preparation for use with particle accelerators. The publication includes additional contributions on target preparations by honorary members of this Society. For the first time in this field, an extensive bibliography collection (1936-June 1980) is included. Bibliography, subject index, author index, country index, and patent index have been organized by the editor. The biblioqraphy includes thin and thick particle accelerator targets and also preparation and use of targets in particle accelerators.


Target ceramics cyclotron development metals particle accelerator society spectroscopy

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  • Jozef Jaklovsky
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  1. 1.New England Nuclear CorporationBostonUSA

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