Materials for Advanced Batteries

  • D. W. Murphy
  • J. Broadhead
  • B. C. H. Steele

Part of the NATO Conference Series book series (NATOCS, volume 2)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-ix
  2. Plenary Review Papers

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Elton J. Cairns
      Pages 3-27
    3. Donald R. Vissers
      Pages 47-90
    4. Robert A. Huggins
      Pages 91-110
    5. S. B. Brummer, V. R. Koch, R. D. Rauh
      Pages 123-143
    6. M. B. Armand
      Pages 145-161
    7. Fritz G. Will
      Pages 163-196
  3. Short Communications

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 197-197
    2. S. M. Caulder, A. C. Simon
      Pages 199-203
    3. A. Bélanger, F. Morin, M. Gauthier, W. A. Adams, A. R. Dubois
      Pages 211-222
    4. Roberto Marassi, Daniele Calasanzio, Gleb Mamantov
      Pages 223-227
    5. J. Schoonman, J. G. Kamphorst, E. E. Hellstrom
      Pages 247-252
    6. A. Hooper, C. J. Sofield, J. F. Turner, B. C. Tofield
      Pages 253-256
    7. Israël Epelboin, Michel Froment, Michel Garreau, Jacques Thevenin, Dominique Warin
      Pages 257-261
    8. U. von Alpen, M. F. Bell, F. J. Kruger
      Pages 263-268
    9. W. R. McKinnon, R. R. Haering
      Pages 283-289
    10. M. Stanley Whittingham, Russell R. Chianelli, Allan J. Jacobson
      Pages 291-299
  4. Study Group Reports

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 307-307
    2. D. W. Murphy, J. Broadhead, B. C. H. Steele
      Pages 309-314
    3. D. W. Murphy, J. Broadhead, B. C. H. Steele
      Pages 315-330
    4. D. W. Murphy, J. Broadhead, B. C. H. Steele
      Pages 331-342
    5. D. W. Murphy, J. Broadhead, B. C. H. Steele
      Pages 343-347
    6. D. W. Murphy, J. Broadhead, B. C. H. Steele
      Pages 349-358
  5. Back Matter
    Pages 359-373

About this book


The idea of a NATO Science Committee Institute on "Materials for Advanced Batteries" was suggested to JB and DWM by Dr. A. G. Chynoweth. His idea was to bring together experts in the field over the entire spectrum of pure research to applied research in order to familiarize everyone with potentially interesting new systems and the problems involved in their development. Dr. M. C. B. Hotz and Professor M. N. Ozdas were instrumental in helping organize this meeting as a NATO Advanced Science Institute. An organlzlng committee consisting of the three of us along with W. A. Adams, U. v Alpen, J. Casey and J. Rouxel organized the program. The program consisted of plenary talks and poster papers which are included in this volume. Nearly half the time of the conference was spent in study groups. The aim of these groups was to assess the status of several key aspects of batteries and prospects for research opportunities in each. The study groups and their chairmen were: Current status and new systems J. Broadhead High temperature systems W. A. Adams Interface problems B. C. H. Steele Electrolytes U. v Alpen Electrode materials J. Rouxel These discussions are summarized in this volume. We and all the conference participants are most grateful to Professor J. Rouxel for suggesting the Aussois conference site, and to both he and Dr. M. Armand for handling local arrangements.


development iron material materials research steel temperature

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  • B. C. H. Steele
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  2. 2.Imperial CollegeLondonUK

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