Enzyme Engineering

Volume 5

  • Howard H. Weetall
  • Garfield P. Royer

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xviii
  2. Keynote Paper

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
  3. Enzyme Production

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 31-31
    2. Dewey D. Y. Ryu, R. Andreotti, J. Medeiros, M. Mandels
      Pages 33-40
    3. E. A. Pepper, J. Melling, R. C. W. Berkeley
      Pages 41-44
    4. H. Hustedt, K. H. Kroner, U. Menge, M.-R. Kula
      Pages 45-47
    5. G. B. Gerasimiene, A. A. Glemza, D. A. Kazlauskas, D. P. Karpaviciene, V. V. Kuliene
      Pages 75-77
    6. J. C. Weaver, C. R. Perley, C. L. Cooney
      Pages 85-88
  4. Enzymes and Energy Transduction

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 93-93
    2. I. V. Berezin, S. D. Varfolomeev, M. V. Lomonosov
      Pages 95-100
    3. Lemuel B. Wingard Jr.
      Pages 101-108
    4. V. Larreta Garde, M. F. Cocquempot, J. N. Barbotin, B. Thomasset, D. Thomas
      Pages 109-118
    5. I. V. Osipov, S. D. Varfolomeev
      Pages 119-121
    6. B. Danielsson, K. Mosbach, I. Lundstrom, L. Stilbert
      Pages 123-126
    7. Lemuel B. Wingard Jr., James R. Millis
      Pages 133-134
    8. Alexander M. Klibanov, Nathan O. Kaplan, Martin D. Kamen
      Pages 135-142
    9. Shuichi Suzuki, Isao Karube, Tadashi Matsunaga, Hiromichi Kayano
      Pages 143-145
  5. Biomass Conversion

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 147-147
    2. A. A. Klyosov, A. P. Sinitsyn, M. L. Rabinowitch
      Pages 153-165
    3. Allen I. Laskin, Ching T. Hou, Ramesh N. Patel
      Pages 167-169
    4. S. Veeraraghavan, Y. Y. Lee, R. P. Chambers, T. A. McCaskey
      Pages 171-173
    5. E. J. Nyns, H. P. Naveau, M. J. Delafontaine
      Pages 175-176
  6. Biomedical and Analytical Applications of Enzymes and Antibodies

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 177-177
    2. F. X. Galen, C. Devaux, P. Sicard, T. Guyene, J. Bariety, J. Menard et al.
      Pages 187-191
    3. L. B. Wingard Jr., S. K. Wolfson Jr., C. C. Liu, S. J. Yao, J. G. Schiller, A. L. Drash
      Pages 197-199
    4. P. V. Sundaram
      Pages 201-204
    5. Suichi Suzuki, Isao Karube
      Pages 205-207
    6. E. I. Chazov, V. N. Smirnov, V. P. Torchilin, I. M. Tereshin, B. V. Moskvichev
      Pages 209-211
    7. P. R. Coulet, F. Paul, D. Dupret, D. C. Gautheron
      Pages 231-233
    8. P. G. Pietta, D. Agnellini, G. Mazzola, G. Vecchio, S. Colombi, G. Bianchi
      Pages 235-237
    9. Klaus Mosbach, Ulf Schroder
      Pages 239-241
    10. I. M. Tereshin, B. V. Moskvichev
      Pages 243-245
    11. Y. Miura, H. Urabe, K. Miyamoto, M. Okazaki
      Pages 247-250
    12. B. Mattiasson, B. Danielsson, F. Winquist
      Pages 251-254
    13. M. Sernetz, M. Chun, R. Kindt, B. Gelleri
      Pages 255-258

About this book


Enzyme technology continues to maintain a high degree of interest both in the academic and industrial communities. Since the last Enzyme Engineering Conference held in Bad Neuenahr, Federal Republic of Germany, two years ago, an increasing emphasis has been placed on the study and application of immobilized whole cells and organelles. This new emphasis has been reflected in the number of presentations directed to this area. The Fifth International Enzyme Engineering Conference was held in Henniker, New Hampshire, July 29 to August 3, 1979. The organizers of this conference are especially grateful for the generous support received from a number of industrial organizations. The conference was attended by 183 participants representing over 22 countries making this truly an international conference. During this conference, emphasis was placed on a wide variety of areas including: enzyme production, energy transduction, co­ factor modification, biomass conversion, immobilized enzymes, cells and organelles, and enzymatic synthesis of chemicals and pharma­ ceuticals. This volume contains most of the presentations and posters presented at the Fifth Conference. The names of the session co­ chairmen, workshop chairmen, committee members and sponsoring organizations are included as an appreciation of their efforts in making this a successful conference. The preparation of this volume was carried out by the editors including editing and proofing of the individual manuscripts and the final copy of this volume. The editors are indebted to Ms. S.


Fermentation Glucose Subtilisin biocatalysis biomass biotechnology cloning enzyme filtration microorganism polymer production protein technology yeast

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