Atomic Masses and Fundamental Constants 6

  • Jerry A. Nolen
  • Walter Benenson

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiii
  2. Studies of Isotopes Produced by Nuclear Reactions

    1. Joseph Cerny, J. Äystö, M. D. Cable, P. E. Haustein, D. M. Moltz, R. D. von Dincklage et al.
      Pages 1-11
    2. E. Kashy, W. Benenson, J. A. Nolen Jr., R. G. H. Robertson
      Pages 39-44
    3. D. J. Vieira, G. W. Butler, D. G. Perry, A. M. Poskanzer, L. P. Remsberg, J. B. Natowitz
      Pages 69-75
  3. Theory of Atomic Masses, First Section

    1. W. Freudenreich, E. R. Hilf, K. Takahashi
      Pages 77-85
    2. K.-H. Schmidt, D. Vermeulen
      Pages 119-128
    3. Nissan Zeldes
      Pages 129-139
    4. Masahiro Uno, Masami Yamada
      Pages 141-150
    5. J. E. Monahan, F. J. D. Serduke
      Pages 151-159
  4. Fundamental Constants

    1. Richard S. Davis, Vincent E. Bowert
      Pages 161-165
    2. William F. Koch
      Pages 167-172
    3. Robert S. Van Dyck Jr., Paul B. Schwinberg, Samuel H. Bailey
      Pages 173-182
    4. David E. Newman, Eric Sweetman, Ralph S. Conti, Arthur Rich
      Pages 183-187
    5. G. L. Borchert, P. G. Hansen, B. Jonson, H. L. Ravn, J. P. Desclaux
      Pages 189-195
    6. D. W. Gidley, A. Rich, P. W. Zitzewitz
      Pages 197-201
    7. R. D. Deslattes, E. G. Kessler Jr.
      Pages 203-218
  5. Direct Mass Measurements

    1. P. H. Barker, D. P. Stoker, H. Naylor, R. E. White, W. B. Wood
      Pages 233-248
    2. R. C. Barber, K. S. Kozier, K. S. Sharma, V. P. Derenchuk, R. J. Ellis, V. S. Venkatasubramanian et al.
      Pages 257-265
    3. J. Morris Blair, Justin Halverson, Walter H. Johnson Jr., Ronald Smith
      Pages 267-274
    4. E. Koets, J. Kramer, J. Nonhebel, J. B. Le Poole
      Pages 275-279
    5. G. Audi, M. Epherre, C. Thibault, R. Klapisch, G. Huber, F. Touchard et al.
      Pages 281-289
    6. C. Thibault, M. Epherre, G. Audi, R. Klapisch, G. Huber, F. Touchard et al.
      Pages 291-298
  6. Theory of Atomic Masses, Second Section

    1. Hermann G. Kümmel
      Pages 315-326
    2. J. M. Pearson, M. Farine, J. Côté, B. Rouben, G. Saunier
      Pages 341-348
    3. E. Comay, I. Kelson
      Pages 349-353
    4. François Tondeur
      Pages 355-364
    5. Marcel Arnould
      Pages 375-388
  7. Studies of Isotopes with On-Line Mass Separators

    1. A. Płochocki, G. Gowdy, R. Kirchner, O. Klepper, W. Reisdorf, E. Roeckl et al.
      Pages 401-408
    2. C. N. Davids
      Pages 419-430
    3. J. Verplancke, D. Vandeplassche, M. Huyse, K. Cornelis, G. Lhersonneau
      Pages 431-436
    4. U. Keyser, H. Berg, F. Münnich, B. Pahlmann, R. Decker, B. Pfeiffer
      Pages 443-449
    5. H. Wollnik, F. Blönnigen, D. Rehfield, G. Jung, B. Pfeiffer, E. Koglin
      Pages 465-474

About this book


The Sixth International Conference on Atomic Masses was held in East Lansing, Michigan, Sept. 18-21, 1979. The conference was initiated, organized, and sponsored by the Commission on Atomic Masses and Fundamental Constants of the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics. The members of the conference committee are listed below: W. Benenson, Chairman Michigan State University R. C. Barber University of-Manitoba E. R. Cohen Rockwell International Institute of Chemical Physics, V. I. Goldanskii Moscow J. C. Hardy Chalk River, Canada W. H. Johnson University of Minnesota E. Kashy Michigan State University Orsay, France R. Klapisch J. A. Nolen, Jr. Michigan State University R. G. H. Robertson Michigan State University E. Roeckl G. S. I. , Darmstadt B. N. Taylor National Bureau of Standards O. Schult IKF, Julich A. H. Wapstra IFO, Amsterdam N. Zeldes Racah Institute, Jerusalem The conference was a little different from the preceding one (in Paris, 1975) in that the fundamental constant aspects were limited to those directly related to atomic masses. The gap is to be filled by the second International Conference on Precision Measurement and Fundamental Constants which is now scheduled for June 1981 in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Only one of the seven sessions in this conference was devoted to fundamental constant determina­ tions. The conference was very strongly supported by the Department of Energy, the National Science Foundation, and the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics.


Atomic mass applied physics chemical physics energy gold particles physics

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  • Jerry A. Nolen
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  • Walter Benenson
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  1. 1.Michigan State UniversityEast LansingUSA

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