High-Pressure and Low-Temperature Physics

  • C. W. Chu
  • J. A. Woollam

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xi
  2. Hydrogen and Metal-Hydrides

    1. Arthur L. Ruoff
      Pages 1-20
    2. B. Baranowski, T. Skoskiewicz
      Pages 43-53
  3. Fermi Surface and Magnetism

  4. Valence Instabilities

  5. Tricritical Behavior and Soft Mode Transitions

    1. D. Bloch
      Pages 229-236
    2. V. Hugo Schmidt
      Pages 237-249
    3. C. Vettier, P. Bastie, M. Vallade, C. M. E. Zeyen
      Pages 251-254
    4. Hans D. Hochheimer, Walter F. Love, Charles T. Walker
      Pages 299-313
  6. Superconductivity and Structural Instabilities

  7. Superconductivity

    1. R. A. Hein, J. E. Cox, R. W. McCallum
      Pages 419-431
    2. J. Wittig, C. Probst
      Pages 433-442
    3. H. F. Braun, E. N. Haeussler, W. W. Sattler, E. J. Saur
      Pages 443-456
  8. Superconductors and Semiconductors

  9. Techniques

    1. M. Kończykowski, M. Baj, E. Szafarkiewicz, L. Kończewicz, S. Porowski
      Pages 523-528
    2. Clarke G. Homan, Julius Frankel, David P. Kendall
      Pages 529-538
    3. S. Porowski, M. Kończykowski, W. Bujnowski
      Pages 539-547
  10. Low Dimension Conductors

  11. Conference Review

    1. Bernd T. Matthias
      Pages 583-588
  12. Back Matter
    Pages 589-602

About this book


High pressure science is a rapidly growing diverse fi. e1d. The high pressure technique has become a powerful tool for both the study and preparation of materials. In spi. te of the many high pressure conferences held in recent years, I felt that there was a need for scientists within a well-defined area (not bound merely by the common experimental technique) to meet in an atmosphere conducive to frank exchange and close interaction. In this spirit, the Cleveland State University hosted such a conference from July 20 to 22, 1977, in which the physics of solids under high pressures and at low tempera­ tures was specifically examined. Both the original and review papers presented at the conference and the candid discussions following their presentations appear in this volume. They clearly cover a rather complete spectrum of current research in the physics of solids at high pressures and low temperatures. I wish to thank the National Aeronautics and Space Administra­ tion, the Office of Naval Research and the National Science Founda­ tion for their financial support of the conference. In addition, I wish especially to thank Steinar Huang for his unceasing assistance in arranging this conference. I also wish to thank him and Francis Stephenson for their assistance in preparing this book. C. W. Chu, Chairman, International Conference on High Pressure and Low Temperature Physics v Contents HYDROGEN AND METAL-HYDRIDES (Chairman: I. Spain) PROSPECTS FOR METALLIC HYDROGEN 1 A. L.


Metall alloy crystal diffraction ferroelectrics liquid neutron scattering semiconductors transitions

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  • J. A. Woollam
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  2. 2.Lewis Research CenterNASAClevelandUSA

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