Penicillins and Cephalosporins

  • J. D. Williams
  • A. M. Geddes

Part of the Chemotherapy book series (CT, volume 5)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiv
  2. C. Regamey, L. Barrelet, F. A. Waldvogel
    Pages 7-12
  3. L. Weingärtner, U. Sitka, R. Patsch
    Pages 13-18
  4. P. J. Wilkinson, A. L. Thomas, D. S. Reeves, J. Symonds
    Pages 31-36
  5. M. Pina de Carvalho, A. Matos Ferreira
    Pages 71-73
  6. R. Pedrotti, V. Forte
    Pages 87-92
  7. T. Germinale, C. Giglio
    Pages 99-101
  8. A. Ferro, G. Ceccarelli, G. R. Burgio
    Pages 103-107
  9. L. Magni, B. Sjöberg, J. Sjövall, J. Wessman
    Pages 109-114
  10. Erik Skog, Erik Sandström, Gösta Wallmark
    Pages 115-121
  11. B. Ursing, M. Lindroth, C. Kamme
    Pages 123-129
  12. Wilhelm J. Kaipainen, Timo Timonen, Veijo Raunio
    Pages 131-136
  13. Pål-Henry Jeppsson, Olle Nylén, Sven Jönsson, Paula Branefors-Helander
    Pages 137-143
  14. J. Andrews, M. J. Kendall, M. Mitchard
    Pages 167-171
  15. R. L. Parsons, Gillian M. Hossack, Gillian M. Paddock
    Pages 173-181
  16. D. S. Reeves, R. Wise, M. J. Bywater, S. R. Stern
    Pages 183-189
  17. D. McGhie, M. J. Robertson, A. M. Geddes, K. C. L. Lim
    Pages 199-203
  18. K. G. Naber, H. G. Meyer-Brunot, I. Reitz
    Pages 223-227
  19. G. K. Daikos, H. Giamarellou, K. Kanellakopoulou, G. Piperakis
    Pages 229-234
  20. S. Ishiyama, I. Nakayama, H. Iwamoto, S. Iwai, I. Sakata, I. Murata et al.
    Pages 241-246
  21. Paul Actor, Donald H. Pitkin, George Lucyszyn, Jerry A. Weisbach, José L. Bran
    Pages 253-257
  22. E. Bergogne, N. Lambert, J. L. Rouvillois
    Pages 259-262
  23. D. Adam, A. G. Hofstetter, W. Jacoby, B. Reichardt
    Pages 263-269
  24. Yoshihito Ban, Yasuo Shimizu, Yukimichi Kawada, Tsuneo Nishiura
    Pages 271-276
  25. Kaoru Shimada, Hiroshi Kato
    Pages 277-282
  26. E. Sinagowitz, K. Pelz, A. Burgert, W. Kaczkowski, H. Sommerkamp, M. Westenfelder
    Pages 305-310

About this book


The International Society o~ Chemotherapy meets every two years to review progress in chemotherapy of infections and of malignant disease. Each meeting gets larger to encompass the extepsion of chemotherapy into new areas. In some instances, expansion has been rapid, for example in cephalosporins, pen­ icillins and combination chemotherapy of cancer - in others slow, as in the field of parasitology. New problems of resistance and untoward effects arise; reduction of host toxicity without loss of antitumour activity by new substances occupies wide attention. The improved results with cancer chemotherapy, es­ pecially in leukaemias, are leading to a greater prevalence of severe infection in patients so treated, pharmacokinetics of drugs in normal and diseased subjects is receiving increasing attention along with related problems of bioavailability and interactions between drugs. Meanwhile the attack on some of the major bacterial infections, such as gonorrhoea and tubercu­ losis, which were among the first infections to feel the impact of chemotherapy, still continue to be major world problems and are now under attack with new agents and new methods. From this wide field and the 1,000 papers read at the Congress we have produced Proceedings which reflect the variety and vigour of research in this important field of medicine. It was not possible to include all of the papers presented at the Congress but we have attempted to include most aspects of cur­ rent progress in chemotherapy.


cancer chemotherapy kinetics pharmacokinetics research resistance toxicity

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