Spectroscopic Tricks

  • Leopold May

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xii
  2. Emission and Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy

    1. J. Dieleman, A. W. Witmer, J. C. M. A. Ponsioen, C. P. T. M. Damen
      Pages 1-4
    2. William Sunderland, Robert S. Hodge, Walter G. Boyle, Eugene Fisher
      Pages 5-9
    3. R. E. Rainford
      Pages 15-15
    4. L. Toft, G. A. Roworth
      Pages 22-22
    5. L. Toft, G. A. Roworth
      Pages 24-24
    6. J. W. Mellichamp, L. L. Wilcox
      Pages 25-27
    7. H. N. Barton, J. Benallo
      Pages 35-37
    8. W. G. Schrenk, S. E. Valente, K. E. Smith
      Pages 44-51
    9. Kenneth J. Curry, Elmo F. Cooley
      Pages 52-58
    10. P. B. Adams, E. C. Goodrich, J. S. Sterlace
      Pages 58-59
    11. R. A. Koehler, F. J. Morgan
      Pages 69-73
    12. W. J. Treytl, J. B. Orenberg, K. W. Marich, D. Glick
      Pages 74-80
    13. T. B. Griswold, W. H. Dennen, W. H. Blackburn
      Pages 81-86
    14. Robert E. Mason
      Pages 86-92
  3. Infrared Spectroscopy

    1. Philipp W. H. Schuessler
      Pages 93-94
    2. M. van Swaay, E. M. Winkler
      Pages 97-103
    3. Ernest C. Sunas, John F. Williams, Claude Walker, Douglas Kidd
      Pages 104-108
    4. Walter F. Edgell
      Pages 108-111
    5. Andreas T. Tsatsas, William M. Risen Jr.
      Pages 111-114
    6. Albert B. Harvey, Fred E. Saalfeld, Charles W. Sink
      Pages 124-127
    7. Herbert H. Hyman, Terry Surles, Lloyd A. Quarterman, Alexander I. Popov
      Pages 127-130
    8. A. C. Gilby, John Cassels, P. A. Wilks Jr.
      Pages 135-147
    9. Neal L. McNiven, Richard Court
      Pages 148-158
    10. Maurice Cormier, James L. Thompson
      Pages 159-161
    11. Richard P. Oertel, Elvin A. Newmann
      Pages 177-179
  4. Mass Spectroscopy

  5. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

    1. Louis V. Haynes, Charles D. Sazavsky
      Pages 191-198

About this book


This is the third volume of the collection of new devices, modifications of existing equipment, and other items of interest of this nature published in the journal Applied Spectroscopy. These tricks have proved of value since they first appeared in the journal in 1959. They give solutions to many problems of workers in the var­ ious fields of spectroscopy. For the novice, the use of ali three vol­ umes may provide insight into the improvements that have been made in the instruments and techniques that he is currently using. The novice may be saved the necessity of discovering some shortcut that many experienced spectroscopists are already using. The contributions in this third volume are selected from the years 1970 through 1973. The subject arrangement is the same as in Volumes 1 and 2 according to the area of spectroscopy. Those tricks concerned with the same device are placed together so that the reader can easily compare them. To maintain the advantages in­ herent in a single collection of contributions, the subject index for this volume is cumulative including the tricks in the previous vol­ umes. Both author and journal indices are provided for this vol­ ume, the latter citing the original Applied Spectroscopy citation. The use of the contributions has been approved by the So­ ciety for Applied Spectroscopy, whose cooperation in this matter is gratefully acknowledged.


Absorption Atom NMR Sorption catalyst fields fluorescence instruments metals spectroscopy ultraviolet

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