Information Systems


  • Julius T. Tou

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  2. Gordon C. Everest
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  3. V. Kevin Whitney
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  4. Frank P. Palermo
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  5. Karl Soop, Per Svensson, Lars Wiktorin
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  6. Andrew J. Kasarda, Donald J. Hillman
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  7. James R. Van Doren, Joseph L. Gray
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  8. Julius T. Tou, Fred R. Sutton
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  9. Carolyn J. Crouch, Donald B. Crouch
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  10. Manfred Kochen
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  11. Rod L. Renner, Robert M. Bechtold, Charles W. Clark, David O. Marbray, Ronald L. Wynn, Nancy H. Goldstein
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  12. E. H. Sibley, A. G. Merten
    Pages 291-309
  13. J. F. Nunamaker Jr., William C. Nylin Jr., Benn Konsynski Jr.
    Pages 311-336
  14. C. Saraiva dos Santos, A. L. Furtado
    Pages 347-359
  15. V. Y. Lum, M. E. Senko, H. Ling, J. H. Barlow
    Pages 377-386
  16. R. D. Merrill, M. Tannenbaum
    Pages 403-424
  17. Edwin Diday
    Pages 451-479
  18. Masamichi Shimura
    Pages 481-493
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About this book


Ten years ago the first International Symposium on Computer and Information Sciences (COINS-63) was held at Northwestern University. Since that time, computer and information sciences have witnessed a great intensification of research and education. The activities in this field have been significantly broadened and enriched. During this ten-year period, we have organized four COINS symposia to provide a forum for promoting com­ munication among scientists, engineers, and educators in the computer and information science field and to act as a catalyzer for stimulating creative thinking within the community of information processing. The COINS-72 symposium, which took place in Miami Beach on December 14--16,1972, under the cosponsorship of the U.S. Army Research Office, the Atomic Energy Commission, and the University of Florida, is the fourth International Symposium on Computer and Information Sciences. The theme of this COINS symposium is information systems. This theme has been selected for the following reasons: Information systems have offered widespread applications in education, government, industry, and science. The bulk of research in computer and information science is now geared to the development of improved information systems. A major portion of software engineering is concerned with computer software and sophisticated information system design. It seems logical that a symposium on information systems should follow the preceding software engineering conference.


data model data structure information processing information retrieval information system learning management information system modeling optimization organization production programming simulation software software engineering

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