Behavioral Pharmacology

The Current Status

  • Bernard Weiss
  • Victor G. Laties

Part of the FASEB Monographs book series (FASEBM, volume 4)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-vii
  2. The future of behavioral pharmacology

    1. Bernard Weiss
      Pages 1-2
  3. Environmental Influences Affecting the Voluntary Intake of Drugs

    1. S. R. Goldberg, R. T. Kelleher, W. H. Morse
      Pages 35-44
    2. James H. Woods, David A. Downs, John Carney
      Pages 45-60
    3. George Bigelow, Roland Griffiths, Ira Liebson
      Pages 61-75
  4. Interaction of Behavioral and Neurochemical Processes

    1. Peter L. Carlton
      Pages 77-81
    2. John A. Harvey, Arthur J. Schlosberg, Libby M. Yunger
      Pages 83-93
    3. L. S. Seiden, R. C. MacPhail, M. W. Oglesby
      Pages 137-153
  5. Behavioral Toxicology

    1. Nancy K. Mello
      Pages 155-160
    2. Charles R. Schuster, Marian W. Fischman
      Pages 181-194
    3. Hugh L. Evans, Victor G. Laties, Bernard Weiss
      Pages 207-224
  6. Contingencies of Reinforcement as Determinants of Drug Response

  7. Back Matter
    Pages 295-301

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