Biological Abstracts / BIOSIS

The First Fifty Years. The Evolution of a Major Science Information Service

  • William Campbell Steere

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  2. William Campbell Steere
    Pages 13-39
  3. William Campbell Steere
    Pages 41-55
  4. Jacob Richard Schramm
    Pages 57-76
  5. John Edward Flynn
    Pages 77-99
  6. G. Miles Conrad
    Pages 101-122
  7. Phyllis V. Parkins
    Pages 123-139
  8. William Campbell Steere
    Pages 141-156
  9. Harvey Edward Kennedy
    Pages 157-166
  10. William Campbell Steere
    Pages 167-181
  11. William Campbell Steere
    Pages 199-218
  12. Back Matter
    Pages 219-233

About this book


A fiftieth birthday is a good one to celebrate-old enough to be ex­ perienced and mature, but not so old as to be an antique. And if the fifty years have spanned as much change in scientific affairs as has occurred during the lifetime of Biological Abstracts it is surely time for a stocktaking. The leaders of biology in 1926 simply could not have imagined the condi­ tions of 1976. And few biologists active in 1976 can imagine what 1926 was like. That was before the explosive growth of federal funds for research and development, before the huge swelling of graduate enrollments and degrees, before World War II, even before the Great Depression! A few old-timers can remember 1926, and Bill Steere will forgive me for calling him an old-timer. After all, he provides the evidence himself; as a graduate student he met the first editor when Biological Abstracts was only three years old, and he has known all its later editors and administra­ tive officers. What he does not say is that tn length of service to BIOSIS, in seniority, he stands among only a few past and present members of the board of trustees; nor does he mention that at least as frequently as any other biologist he has been called upon to serve on governmental and associational councils and committees dealing with policy and strategy concerning the abstracting, classification, and dissemination of scientific knowledge. Surely he was the right choice to write this history.


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