Shape Memory Effects in Alloys

  • Jeff Perkins

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  2. C. Rodriguez, L. C. Brown
    Pages 29-58
  3. L. Delaey, H. Warlimont
    Pages 89-114
  4. S. Vatanayon, R. F. Hehemann
    Pages 115-145
  5. N. Nakanishi
    Pages 147-175
  6. K. Mukherjee, M. Chandrasekaran, F. Milillo
    Pages 177-201
  7. D. S. Lieberman, M. A. Schmerling, R. W. Karz
    Pages 203-244
  8. Jeff Perkins, G. R. Edwards, C. R. Such, J. M. Johnson, R. R. Allen
    Pages 273-303
  9. L. Delaey, J. Thienel
    Pages 341-350
  10. L. Delaey, F. Van de Voorde, R. V. Krishnan
    Pages 351-364
  11. M. Ahlers, R. Rapacioli, W. Arneodo
    Pages 379-384
  12. R. Rapacioli, M. Chandrasekaran, M. Ahlers, L. Delaey
    Pages 385-388
  13. S. Miura, Y. Morita, N. Nakanishi
    Pages 389-405
  14. L. A. Shepard
    Pages 419-429
  15. W. De Jonghe, R. De Batist, L. Delaey, M. De Bonte
    Pages 451-466
  16. J. D. Harrison, D. E. Hodgson
    Pages 517-523
  17. Ridgway Banks
    Pages 537-545
  18. L. Kaufman, S. A. Kulin, P. Neshe, R. Salzbrenner
    Pages 547-561
  19. M. A. Schmerling, M. A. Wilkov, A. E. Sanders, J. E. Woosley
    Pages 563-574
  20. Jeff Perkins
    Pages 575-578
  21. Back Matter
    Pages 579-583

About this book


The International Symposium on Shape Memory Effects and Appli­ cations was held at the University of Toronto on May 19-20, 1975, in four sessions over two days, as part of the regular 1975 Spring Meeting of The Metallurgical Society of AlME, sponsored by the Physical Metallurgy Committee of The Metallurgical Society. This was the first symposium on the subject, the only previous meeting at all related being the 1968 NOL Symposium on TiNi and Associated Compounds. One of the major intentions of this Symposium was to provide a forum for cross-communication between workers in the diverse metallurgical areas pertinent to shape memory effects, areas such as martensitic transformation, crystallography and thermodynamics, mechanical behavior, stress-induced transformation, lattice sta­ bility, and alloy development. Authors were encouraged to place an emphasis on delineation of general controlling factors and mech­ anisms, and on comparison of shape memory effect alloy systems with systems not exhibiting SME.


communication copper crystal crystallography development dynamics gold material mechanisms metallurgy metals rolling stress thermodynamics zinc

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