Problems of the Psychology of Memory

  • A. A. Smirnov

Part of the Monographs in Psychology book series (MOPSY)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xi
  2. The Psychology of Memorization

    1. A. A. Smirnov
      Pages 1-23
    2. Voluntary and Involuntary Memorization

      1. A. A. Smirnov
        Pages 25-54
      2. A. A. Smirnov
        Pages 55-80
    3. Comprehension in Memorization

      1. A. A. Smirnov
        Pages 105-129
      2. A. A. Smirnov
        Pages 131-157
      3. A. A. Smirnov
        Pages 159-236
    4. Repetition in Memorizing

      1. A. A. Smirnov
        Pages 237-243
      2. A. A. Smirnov
        Pages 245-259
  3. Conditions for Retroactive Inhibition

    1. A. A. Smirnov
      Pages 279-298
  4. The Interrelation of Image and Word in the Development of Memory

  5. On Some Correlations in the Field of Memory

    1. A. A. Smirnov
      Pages 319-329
  6. Summaries

    1. A. A. Smirnov
      Pages 331-335
  7. Back Matter
    Pages 337-338

About this book


Contrary to popular opinion, contemporary psychology in the USSR is far from being monolithic. It is true that the development of Soviet psychology does have characteristic features which distinguish it from the development of Western (and particularly Anglo-American) psychology. Perhaps the most distinguishing features of Soviet psychology are represented by the pre­ dominance of the historical-evolutionary approach and the emphasis on integrative physiological mechanisms underlying behavior. The development of Soviet psychological thinking can also be characterized as having been free of the fruitless discussions of mind-body dualism and of dominance by rat-and-pigeon-centered behaviorism. Soviet psychology had the benefit of a rich inheritance from the Sech­ that laid the foundation for modern psycho­ enov-Botkin-Pavlov school biology and biological psychiatry. Unfortunately, the politically engendered omnipresent dogmatism during the Lysenko-Stalin era of obscurantism tended to pervert this rich scientific heritage and hindered the development of a diversity of concepts and methods in the behavioral and biological sciences.


behavior memory psychiatry psychology

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