Biochemical Aspects of Nervous Diseases

  • J. N. Cumings

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Within recent years basic knowledge concerning the chemistry, and the metabolic processes taking place in the brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerves and muscles has increased in a remarkable manner. As a consequence some very important books have been published both in America and in Europe in which some, at least, of this information has become available in an easily readable form to an ever increasing group of laboratory and scientific workers. The application of such studies in a variety of neurological diseases can now be made, thus making possible an explanation of many of the clinical and pathological peculiarities that have been known for decades. Although a few small manuals have already been published, combining both biochemical and clinical aspects of such disorders and these have been studied by neurologists and chemical pathologists throughout the world, yet a volume devoted exclusively to the biochemistry of neurological diseases has not yet been readily available. The present volume is an attempt to remedy this omission in relation to just a few of the conditions. Individual writers of each of the six chapters have been chosen who are intimately concerned both with biochemistry and with its application to disease in man. Each author has been responsible for the accuracy of his chapter together with appropriate references from the literature, but the Editor does not necessarily concur with all the opinions expressed by the authors.


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