Urological Research

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    2. Michael F. Carter, Leland W. K. Chung, Donald S. Coffey
      Pages 27-38
    3. Herbert Brendler, John W. Maguire
      Pages 61-67
    4. Lester Persky
      Pages 81-88
    5. Joseph D. Schmidt
      Pages 107-118
    6. David M. Davis
      Pages 119-121
    7. Gerald P. Murphy, Edwin A. Mirand
      Pages 123-130
    8. Horst K. A. Schirmer
      Pages 157-160
    9. Arnold Mittelman
      Pages 161-168
    10. John A. C. Colston Jr.
      Pages 189-190
    11. William Nisbet Toole
      Pages 191-197
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    2. Gerald P. Murphy
      Pages 209-213
    3. Gerald P. Murphy
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About this book


Education, patient care, and research combine into the expression of what is known as a university center: a place of learning, a place of development, a place of patient care and cure, a place of compassion, a place of progress. Many centers reflect to the highest degree all of these qualities. Those of us within this volume wish to give testimony to the urological center developed, designed, and cared for by Dr. William Wallace Scott. This man, in our opinion, reflects all of the preceding features to the highest degree. We in Urology have benefited greatly by his leadership and counsel. Herein will be found articles on patient care, research, education, and historical vignettes. These can hardly be a measure of the man but serve to underline modern progress in Urology and clinical research. LOWELL R. KING, M. D. GERALD P. MURPHY, M. D. , D. Sc. v Patrons DR. J. ARCADI DR. J. M. HOLLAND DR. W. BRANNAN DR. W. J. HOPKINS DR. H. BRENDLER DR. W. J. KEARNS DR. H. J. BRADLEY DR. L. R. KING DR. R. W. BRIDGE DR. B. KosTO DR. W. W. S. BUTLER DR. A. MITTELMAN DR. R. L. CALHOUN DR. G . P. MURPHY DR. W. A. CAMPBELL DR. I. J. NUDELMAN DR. D. M. DAVIS DR. L. PERSKY DR. J. N. DE KLERK DR. R. B. ROTH DR. R. M. ENGEL DR. P. L. SCARDINO DR. R. P. FINNEY DR. J. D. SCHMIDT DR. R. P. GIBBONS DR. J. H.


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