Behavior and Environment

The Use of Space by Animals and Men

  • Aristide Henri Esser

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xvii
  2. Territoriality and Dominance

    1. K. Barbehenn, P. Leyhausen, J. H. Kaufmann, K. P. Kinsey
      Pages 34-45
    2. C. C. Carpenter, R. Ardrey, J. L. Brereton, K. P. Kinsey, P. Leyhausen, R. S. Peterson
      Pages 46-52
  3. Space and Contact Behavior

    1. John Le Gay Brereton
      Pages 69-91
    2. H. M. Marsden, D. D. Thiessen, R. E. Herron, J. R. Tester, D. B. Siniff, C. R. Jessen
      Pages 112-120
    3. J. A. Lloyd, S. A. Altmann, E. M. Banks, G. McBride, H. M. Marsden, E. W. Menzel et al.
      Pages 121-132
  4. Population Density and Crowding

    1. David E. Davis
      Pages 133-147
    2. K. Myers, C. S. Hale, R. Mykytowycz, R. L. Hughes
      Pages 148-187
    3. Henri F. Ellenberger
      Pages 188-203
    4. C. H. Southwick, J. L. Brereton, J. B. Calhoun, D. E. Davis, H. F. Ellenberger, F. Gehlbach et al.
      Pages 208-216
  5. Orientation and Communication

    1. Mario von Cranach
      Pages 217-237
    2. Irenaeus Eibl-Eibesfeldt
      Pages 238-246
    3. Edward T. Hall
      Pages 247-256
    4. W. A. Mason, I. Eibl-Eibesfeldt, J. M. Fitch, E. T. Hall, P. Leyhausen, D. Lowenthal
      Pages 257-266
  6. Communal Behavior and the Environment

    1. Vero C. Wynne-Edwards
      Pages 267-280
    2. D. Lowenthal, J. B. Calhoun, K. H. Craik, J. M. Fitch, U. Olin, R. G. Studer
      Pages 312-328
    3. John B. Calhoun
      Pages 329-387
  7. Back Matter
    Pages 388-411

About this book


The International Symposium on "The Use of Space by Animals and Men," sponsored by the Animal Behavior Society, took place at the 135th Annual Meeting of the AAAS in Dallas, Texas, on December 29-31, 1968. This book presents the text of all papers and edited discus­ sions, as well as the contributions made by several individuals who were unable ·to attend the Symposium. The idea of holding the Symposium evolved following my presenta­ tion of a paper to the Animal Behavior Society in 1965 [2] on the use of space by psychiatric patients. Members in attendance at that ses­ sion, chaired by G. Gottlieb, shared his interest in my compilation of human data presented in a measurable spatial context. This plea­ sant experience persuaded me that a discussion of space might be shared as a frame of reference which could open avenues of communica­ tion between behavioral scientists, the design community, and the de­ cision makers in our society.


animal behavior behavior brain communication environment interaction

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