Far-Infrared Properties of Solids

Proceedings of a NATO Advanced Study Institute, held in Delft, Netherland, August 5–23, 1968

  • S. S. Mitra
  • S. Nudelman
Conference proceedings

Part of the Optical Physics and Engineering book series (OPEG)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-viii
  2. H. A. Gebbie
    Pages 35-37
  3. Ludwig Genzel
    Pages 51-102
  4. P. L. Richards
    Pages 103-120
  5. J. van der Elsken, R. Metselaar, R. K. Eijnthoven
    Pages 360-386
  6. Giuseppe Zerbi
    Pages 497-515
  7. J. A. Koningstein
    Pages 516-534
  8. Armand Hadni
    Pages 561-587
  9. Back Matter
    Pages 589-605

About these proceedings


This book provides an account of modern aspects relating far infrared radiation to properties of solids; it encompasses both theoretical and experimental considerations. Written at the gradu­ ate level, it attempts a threefold purpose; an indication of the breadth of the subject, an in-depth examination of important areas, and reference material to complement a text for a course. The treatment and organization of material here is compatible with a preceding volume of this series on "Optical Properties of Solids." Chapters 1-6 present material concerned principally with experimental considerations necessary to the carrying out of meas­ urements in the far infrared spectral region. They also serve to provide considerable introductory material for the remaining chap­ ters which deal with various areas that offer theoretical treat­ ments utilizing and understanding far infrared properties of solids. Several lectures presented at the Institute could not be in­ cluded in this book for two reasons: (i) Final versions of the lecture notes suitable for publication never arrived from several lecturers; (ii) Some materials were deliberately left out fro~ this book as they were also presented at an earlier NATO Institute and form part of a preceding volume edited by us in this series. In particular, it is recommended that Chapters 14 and 15, viz., in­ frared and Raman spectra due to lattice vibrations by S. S. Mitra and impurity induced lattice absorption by L. Genzel in "Optical Properties of Solids'· be read concurrently with the present volume.


Absorption Dispersion Passe Raman spectroscopy infrared laser material materials optical properties organization radiation semiconductor solid spectroscopy vibration

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  • S. S. Mitra
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  • S. Nudelman
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