Blood Oxygenation

Proceedings of the International Symposium on Blood Oxygenation, held at the University of Cincinnati, December 1–3, 1969

  • Daniel Hershey

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  2. Marvin Fleischman, Daniel Hershey
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  3. H. I. Bicher, D. D. Reneau, M. H. Knisely
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  4. R. M. Navari, J. L. Gainer, K. R. Hall
    Pages 243-261
  5. Theodor Kolobow, Warren M. Zapol, Robert L. Sigman
    Pages 306-320
  6. Fernando Villarroel, Kenneth B. Bischoff, Thomas M. Regan, Jerry M. Calkins, Clifford E. Lanham
    Pages 321-333
  7. G. W. Harris, F. C. Tompkins, R. P. deFilippi, J. H. Porter, M. J. Buckley
    Pages 334-354
  8. William J. Dorson Jr.
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Under the broad heading of blood oxygenation there may be specific areas of study, such as the kinetics of the oxygen­ hemoglobin reaction, diffusion of gases through the red cell, blood preservation, blood chemistry, oxygen electrode design and the design and evaluation of artificial blood oxygenators. ~lood oxygenation is of interest to many disciplines including physicians, chemists, physicists, biologists, physiologists and engineers. The International Symposium on Blood Oxygenation was or­ ganized in order to bring together the people working in the various areas of blood oxygenation. This multidiscipline meet­ ing was held at the University of Cincinnati on December 1, 2 and 3 of 1969. It was jOintly sponsored by the U. S. Army Medi­ cal Research and Development Command and the University of Cin­ cinnati. Participants came from Australia, England, Israel, Italy, Japan and the United States. There were 122 persons registered for the Symposium. From the nature of the discussion during the meeting, it seemed apparent that the participants were benefiting from the contacts with colleagues in other disciplines. The result was a significant contribution to the present fund of knowledge of blood oxygenation and an enhancement of the future work.


Enhancement blood cell chemistry development evaluation joint kinetics plasma research

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