High-Energy Physics and Nuclear Structure

Proceedings of the Third International Conference on High Energy Physics and Nuclear Structure sponsored by the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics, held at Columbia University, New York City, September 8–12, 1969

  • Samuel Devons
Conference proceedings

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xli
  2. Nuclear Structure and Electromagnetic Interactions

    1. J. Heisenberg, R. Hofstadter, J. S. McCarthy, I. Sick, B. C. Clark, R. Herman et al.
      Pages 33-39
    2. H. G. Andresen, H. Averdung, H. Ehrenberg, G. Fricke, J. Friedrich, H. Hultzsch et al.
      Pages 56-59
    3. B. T. Chertok, E. C. Jones, W. L. Bendel, L. W. Fagg, H. F. Kaiser, S. K. Numrich
      Pages 60-62
    4. L. R. B. Elton, S. J. Webb, R. C. Barrett
      Pages 67-73
    5. C. Ciofi degli Atti, N. M. Kabachnik
      Pages 74-76
    6. B. Goulard, S. Fallieros
      Pages 77-79
    7. J. Langworthy, H. Überall
      Pages 80-82
    8. D. Vinciguerra, D. Blum, T. Stovall
      Pages 83-85
    9. Marc Chemtob, Albert Lumbroso
      Pages 86-88
    10. D. J. Albert, R. F. Wagner, H. Überall, C. Werntz
      Pages 89-91
    11. Dieter Drechsel, H. Überall
      Pages 92-94
    12. P. Picozza, C. Schaerf, R. Scrimaglio, G. Goggi, A. Piazzoli, D. Scannicchio
      Pages 101-103
  3. Electromagnetic and Weak Interaction Probes

    1. Roland Engfer
      Pages 104-121
    2. J. P. Deutsch
      Pages 136-143
    3. D. Kessler, V. Chan, C. K. Hargrove, E. P. Hincks, G. R. Mason, R. J. McKee et al.
      Pages 144-149
    4. Ronald M. Sundelin, Richard M. Edelstein
      Pages 150-156
    5. V. Evseev, T. Kozlowski, V. Roganov, J. Woitkowska
      Pages 157-159
    6. G. Backenstoss, S. Charalambus, H. Daniel, U. Lynen, Ch. v.d. Malsburg, G. Poelz et al.
      Pages 160-162
    7. S. N. Kaplan, R. V. Pyle, L. E. Temple, G. F. Valby
      Pages 163-165
    8. H. Backe, R. Engfer, E. Kankeleit, W. U. Schröder, H. K. Walter, K. Wien
      Pages 166-168
    9. H. Backe, R. Engfer, U. Jahnke, E. Kankeleit, K. H. Lindenberger, C. Petitjean et al.
      Pages 169-170
    10. A. Fujii, R. Leonardi, M. Rosa-Clot
      Pages 171-173
    11. V. V. Balashov, R. A. Eramzhyan, N. M. Kabchnik, G. Ya. Korenman, V. L. Korotkih
      Pages 174-176
    12. M. Morita, H. Ohtsubo, A. Fujii
      Pages 180-181
    13. G. Bunatian, V. Evseev, L. Nikityuk, V. Pokrovsky, V. Ribakov, I. Yutlandov
      Pages 182-184
    14. Z. Oziewicz, N. P. Popov
      Pages 185-187
    15. H. Backe, R. Engfer, E. Kankeleit, W. U. Schröder, H. K. Walter, K. Wien
      Pages 192-194
    16. Min-yi Chen
      Pages 195-196
    17. D. Hitlin, S. Bernow, S. Devons, I. Duerdoth, J. W. Kast, E. R. Macagno et al.
      Pages 197-199
    18. E. R. Macagno, S. Bernow, S. C. Cheng, S. Devons, I. Duerdoth, D. Hitlin et al.
      Pages 200-202
    19. B. Budick, W. Y. Lee, S. Bernow, M. Y. Chen, S. C. Cheng, D. Hitlin et al.
      Pages 203-204
    20. W. Y. Lee, S. Bernow, M. Y. Chen, S. C. Cheng, D. Hitlin, J. W. Kast et al.
      Pages 205-206
  4. Hadronic Interactions: High-Energy Collision Processes

    1. A. Cordaillat, A. Johansson, S. Kullander, G. Landaud, F. Lemeilleur, P. U. Renberg et al.
      Pages 305-309

About these proceedings


In preparing the program for this Conference, the third in the series, it soon became evident that it was not possible to in­ clude in a conference of reasonable duration all the topics that might be subsumed under the broad title, "High Energy Physics and Nuclear Structure. " From their initiation, in 1963, it has been as much the aim of these Conferences to provide some bridges between the steadily separating domains of particle and nuclear physics, as to explore thoroughly the borderline territory between the two -­ the sort of no-man's-land that lies unclaimed, or claimed by both sides. The past few years have witnessed the rapid development of many new routes connecting the two major areas of 'elementary par­ ticles' and 'nuclear structure', and these now spread over a great expanse of physics, logically perhaps including the whole of both subjects. (As recently as 1954, an International Conference on 'Nuclear and Meson Physics' did, in fact, embrace both fields!) Since it is not now possible to traverse, in one Conference, this whole network of connections, still less to explore the entire ter­ ritory it covers, the choice of topics has to be in some degree arbitrary. It is hoped that ours has served the purpose of fairly exemplifying many areas where physicists, normally separated by their diverse interests, can find interesting and important topics which bring them together.


High-Energy Physics Target applied physics cyclotron development energy high energy physics microtron nuclear physics physics storage ring structure

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