РОСТ КРИСТАЛЛОВ/Rost Kristallov/Growth of Crystals

Volume 9

  • N. N. Sheftal’
  • E. I. Givargizov

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-x
  2. Introductory Address from the Organizing Committee

  3. E. S. Fedorov’s Papers on Crystal Growth

    1. V. B. Tatarskii
      Pages 3-7
  4. Crystal Growth under Hydrothermal Conditions and Diamond Synthesis

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 9-9
    2. L. N. Dem’yanets, V. I. Ilyukhin, I. P. Kuz’mina, A. N. Lobachev, N. V. Belov
      Pages 23-30
    3. V. P. Butuzov, L. A. Gordienko, V. E. Khadzhi, L. I. Tsinober, V. S. Doladugina
      Pages 31-33
    4. E. M. Tsyganov, V. E. Khadzhi, A. A. Shaposhnikov, M. I. Samoilovich, L. I. Tsinober
      Pages 40-43
    5. V. N. Rumyantsev, I. G. Ganeev, I. S. Rez
      Pages 52-54
    6. Yu. V. Pogodin, V. V. Dronov
      Pages 55-61
    7. S. P. Fedosova
      Pages 62-63
    8. Yu. A. Litvin, V. P. Butuzov
      Pages 68-73
    9. G. N. Bezrukov, V. P. Butuzov, K. F. Vorzheikin, D. F. Korolev, V. A. Laptev
      Pages 74-77
  5. Crystal Growth from Solution

  6. Crystal Growth from Molten Solutions

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 99-99
    2. V. A. Ioffe, Z. N. Zonn
      Pages 104-106
    3. P. V. Klevtsov, C. P. Kozeeva, R. F. Klevtsova, N. A. Novgorodtseva
      Pages 107-109
    4. I. G. Avaeva, V. B. Kravchenko, T. N. Kobyreva, B. I. Kryuchkov
      Pages 110-112
    5. L. N. Averina, B. I. Birman, O. M. Konovalov, T. R. Mnatsakanova
      Pages 113-115
    6. I. É. Gerasimova, T. I. Timchenko, O. G. Kozlova
      Pages 119-121
    7. Yu. M. Kozlov, N. N. Sheftal’, L. S. Garashina, D. M. Kheiker
      Pages 122-123
    8. A. Ya. Gubenko, N. A. Kononykhina, M. B. Miller
      Pages 124-126
    9. V. N. Lozovskii, V. P. Popov, G. S. Konstantinova, V. A. Ivkov
      Pages 127-131
    10. A. P. Cherkasov, R. Sh. Enikeev, I. S. Aver’yanov
      Pages 132-134
  7. Crystal Growth from Melts

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 135-135
    2. M. D. Lyubalin
      Pages 137-142
    3. O. F. Dudnik, V. B. Kravchenko, A. K. Gromov, Yu. L. Kopylov
      Pages 147-151
    4. G. A. Rozhnova, G. I. Kosulina, L. F. Grigor’eva
      Pages 152-157
    5. G. V. Anan’eva, G. F. Bakhshieva, V. E. Karapetyan, A. M. Morozov, E. M. Sychev
      Pages 158-160
    6. M. S. Mirgalovskaya, M. R. Raukhman, I. A. Strel’nikova
      Pages 161-165
    7. G. K. Geranicheva, I. I. Afanas’ev, T. G. Agafonova
      Pages 166-169
    8. V. M. Garmash, T. P. Znikina, V. B. Lazareva
      Pages 170-178
    9. É. B. Zeligman, B. K. Kazurov, S. D. Krasnenkova
      Pages 179-183
    10. D. E. Ovsienko, G. A. Alfintsev, A. V. Mokhort
      Pages 184-188
    11. O. L. Kreinin, K. M. Rozin, M. P. Shaskol’skaya
      Pages 189-192
    12. I. N. Guseva, V. S. Krylov, I. L. Poluéktova, V. I. Popov
      Pages 193-196
    13. P. S. Vadilo
      Pages 197-199
    14. V. V. Nikonova, É. P. Rakhmanova
      Pages 200-205
    15. M. Ya. Dashevskii, A. N. Poterukhin, A. V. Zakharova, L. I. Kaikova
      Pages 206-208

About this book


For 50 years the Fedorov Institute of Crystallography, Mineralogy, and Petrography at Leningrad Mining Institute has held annual memorial meetings for E. S. Fedorov. Immediate­ ly after the jubilee meeting (May 21-24, 1969), the Fedorov All-Union Symposium on Crystal Growth was held, and the proceedings of that symposium constitute Volume 9 of Growth of Crystals. The symposium surveyed the advances made in the USSR in those aspects of growth con­ cerned mainly with morphology and structure in natural crystals or closely related artificial ones, work which confirmed their relation to E. S. Fedorov and to mineralogical crystallogra­ phy. Crystallography is one of the older branches of natural science but has recently under­ gone a striking rejuvenation on account of new methods and new concepts. Photogoniometric methods have been developed in goniometry, while crystal optics has found new lines of ad­ vance in electrooptics and techniques in the ultraviolet and far infrared regions. Morphologic studies now use a vast range of techniques, from the hand lens to the electron microscope or cinemicrography. X-ray analysis is steadily becoming more automatic, and fast computers are used with accelerated methods of structure interpretation. Crystal growth is one of the younger divisions of crystallography; previously t it had been of interest only in experimental mineralogy, but now it is an important branch of science and technology with close relations to industry.


crystal crystallography electron electron microscope mineralogy

Editors and affiliations

  • N. N. Sheftal’
    • 1
  • E. I. Givargizov
    • 1
  1. 1.Academy of Science of the USSRInstitute of CrystallographyMoscowRussia

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