Principles of CAD

A Coursebook

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  • A. J. Medland
  • Glen Mullineux

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    Pages i-xvii
  2. A. J. Medland, Glen Mullineux
    Pages 1-20
  3. A. J. Medland, Glen Mullineux
    Pages 21-46
  4. A. J. Medland, Glen Mullineux
    Pages 47-84
  5. A. J. Medland, Glen Mullineux
    Pages 85-105
  6. A. J. Medland, Glen Mullineux
    Pages 107-132
  7. A. J. Medland, Glen Mullineux
    Pages 133-148
  8. A. J. Medland, Glen Mullineux
    Pages 149-176
  9. A. J. Medland, Glen Mullineux
    Pages 177-204
  10. Back Matter
    Pages 205-215

About this book


Many books already exist on computer-aided design and manufacture most of which are dedicated to describing the complexities of mathematical modelling and its application to industrial problems. In the experience of the present authors, however, if the subject is to be understood within its true, industrial context it must be taught in relation to the design process. Thus, while this book discusses both modelling and industrial applications, it also tries to provide an insight into design methodology, system selection and usage, and the social relationships that exist within design and manufacturing facilities. The teaching modules which make up the book are the distillation of material used by the authors both for undergraduate courses in CAD at BruneI University, and for seminars given to industrial users. The modules are not intended to be used in isolation, but rather to serve as an introductory survey which will enable students to grasp the broad outlines of the subject. Most aspects ofthe course presented here will need to be supported by further work and reading (see 'Further Reading'). In the authors' own courses much of the geometric and modelling work described in the text is supported by tutorial activities using the university department's commercial and research CAD/CAM systems. These include the Computervision-CADDS4X and Personal Systems.


Plot Standards algorithms computer-aided design (CAD) computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) ergonomics finite element method layout model modeling

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